Why @Bl1nk why :sob:

Three different iPhones and this is still an issue?! Is it my settings on the phone do you think?

Yes :thinking:

Well no one else has this problem, so… :sweat_smile:

I’ve had an iPhone since 2006 and never had any issues. Must be a setting on your end.

Fuck, I don’t even know what settings to start with lol I’ll see if I can figure it out

Six years later

Time flies man


We got poppy when she was 8 weeks old and she’s 6 now and the thought of her dying in 6-8 years is horrific. I’m hoping she makes it to like 16 or 17.


You can’t think about it mate lol

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Yeah I know, it’s always there though at the back of your mind

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Losing a pet does suck.

3 cats and a dog at my residence now, because the other half decided she had to save this kitten.


I like how you said “the other half” rather than “the better half:henry2:

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You need to get another dog now otherwise it will turn into cats vs dogs

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Anyone got a tortoise on here?

Nope, I’ve just got a standard account.

Ever thought about going on stage?

Sure youd get laughed off

I’ll just stick to OA. It’d be quite disheartening getting booed off stage, because the fans actually at the venue are better judges of humour than people watching comedy at home on their TV, so you know they mean it if they boo you off stage.


Nice try

Poppy with a wet washcloth on her and a cooling mat her underneath.

She’s really not enjoying the heat, she’s basically gone into hibernation.


We were at a friends place on Saturday where it was a bit cooler and brought poppy to hang in the garden, whipped out a golf umbrella for her which she enjoyed.



Yep, my cat’s the same, she’s spending her days moving to the coolest spot in the flat based on the particular time of day. She’s currently curled up under one of the arm chairs.

I haven’t got a cooling mat for her, but I have put a hot water bottle in the freezer, I’ll ve popping that under her favourite blanket in a bit to hopefully create a similar effect.

Though knowing her, she’ll probably shun the option just to spite me lol. Cats are the kind of creatures who’d rather die from the heat than give you the satiafaction of seeing your efforts rewarded.

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