Per Mertesacker

Per is also basically the only person in the upper reaches of the Arsenal hierarchy who seems to be doing his job well. I hate to think what this club would look like if Hale End was run as poorly as the rest of the organization.


He always was slow


why are people doing this…i just dont get it

Big Per, what a guy


Theres an 8 minute version of this as well, very good :call_me_hand:

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There’s surely a different charm to getting a tour around the place and there just being ex-players who’ve won cups for the club just chilling in their office getting on with their work day. Maybe it is just silly nostalgia but I likes it.


Absolutely, like when Freddie and Bobby were involved in the training set ups or in with the yoots.
It makes it feel more Arsenal. As a new player being shown around and seeing these guys in the training centre must be amazing.


Yeah that just be a cool experience, I’d be hyped for it.

My two favourite things about Arsenal transfers:

  1. Prematurely moving threads to #the-players
  2. Videos of new signings being shown around Colney

Per seems like a Excel over google sheet guy

So impolite to call Per “the big guy”…

He is BFG, not just the big guy

That was the most in-depth one I’ve seen I think. Excited to see more in the Amazon doc.

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