Pep Guardiola

It’s got nothing to do with the FA.

Honestly couldn’t care less what punishments if any are handed out, once a set of fans have had the joy in the moment and that emotion of winning it’s over for me.

Eg if Arsenal got handed this years title years down the track it would give next to no joy or satisfaction.

But I understand lots of others may feel different.

That’s fair and I feel the exact same way. Watching City being relegated into the netherrelm however would bring me a shit ton of joy.


Yeah I’d take joy in that, relegated to the bottom of the football league.

I just as I said don’t take any satisfaction in handout titles, once it is won it’s won.

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I’d still take more joy in a handout title than sitting in second holding back the vomit as these cunts celebrate.

In some ways, taking the title away from a side who’s cheated their way to success is better.

It would shut up their entitled supporters and we’d see pundits like Neville, who wanted Man City rather than us, squirming and having to admit they were wrong.

It would send a message to clubs like Chelsea who blatantly flout the rules and also be worth it just to see Guardiola walking away from the club.

But we all know it won’t happen because clubs like Man City and Chelsea have got the FA in their pocket and they are more than happy to keep taking the backhanders from them.

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Dude is convicted of using the anabolic steroid nandrolone.

Makes sense since City players look beefed up way too much compared to other teams’ players.

Also how they keep charging at defenses for 90 minutes.



Match after match after bloody match when everyone else looks gassed.

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