lol £50,000 for a license plate you must be having an absolute fucking giggle


It doesnt even spell Arsenal, why is there a T in it?


Even if it said “ARSENAL” it would be overpriced. Good luck finding an absolute mug to buy it.


Give you £40,001 for it


That T looks a bit off :eyes:


LOL unless you have crazy money and are driving a fucking Bugatti or rare Lambo or some type of hypercar the number plate by itself would be more than twice the amount of the cars most people buy fucking brand new. Would be amazing to see someone with a car worth 5k with a number plate they paid 10x the amount of their cars value for, much less it doesnt even have the right letters for ‘arsenal’ you would be lucky to even get £500 for it! :xhaka:


Lol Atsenal.


as mentioned by @BergkampsLoveChild i dont even think it is a real ‘T’ i think this numberplate is potentially even fraudulent it is misspelt for a start so the original poster is on a laugh but that 'T’T i dont know what it is meant to be but it looks really wrong so i wouldnt be surprised if the numberplate is even a genuine one!


Give you 3 bitcoins and 5 etheriums for it


I’m sure Sven can get us a good price for this plate.


Pretty sure you can’t just “slide” parts of letters about, or “there you go…have a fine”


Arsenal Premiership Reversal of the King!


I wouldn’t even pay £50 for a number plate that actually did spell Arsenal, let alone £50,000 for one that doesn’t


That’s an EU plate, haven’t you heard about a little thing called Brexit.


All of us combined here don’t have 50 grand never mind 50 fucking grand to spend on a poxy fucking licence plate. And it looks fucking stupid.

And fucking lol at price pointing a 50 grand licence plate you absolute bell end.

I could just delete your post but I’d rather take the piss.


Literally the reason why I didnt close this :grin:


Awwwwwww, give the guy a break, he’s obviously looking for a rich, dyslexic, fool of an Arsenal supporter…This could be a better love story than Twilight…lololol


Perhaps he should target those numpties who frequent Arsenal Fan TV then


Perks of not driving is not having to pay 50000 for a number plate :sunglasses: