There are no perks to not driving. Get a car you bum :blush:


Never driven a car in 41 years :slight_smile:


Even if you have a car you don’t have to pay £50,000 for a number plate


27 and still don’t have a licence :smirk_cat:

Anyway, I say we lynch OP


just slide the top of the T slightly

Sounds legit.


If anyone has got £50k to p*ss away on a number plate that doesn’t say “Arsenal” then they have too much money and clearly have no dignity.


Just imagining a spud number plate. SPUrNKERS.



PU7 1H3 PR355URE 0N


I wouldn’t drive if there was a legit form of transportation here in so cal but there isnt. Owning a car us a huge money sink. Oh well.


Omg who changed the title :joy:


How does one go about acquiring a dyslexic Arsenal number plate?

I like to think Mercedes and his mate Steve were playing high stakes poker like total badass non-peasants, and then high roller Mercedes be like “I raise you 25 Gs bro” and then wiley Steve be like “yo I ain’t got 25 Gs bro, I got this sweet number plate though. And if you just slide the T a little bit… it’s defo worth like 50 Gs bro”


Don’t try to pin this on us americans, it is probably more likely it went down something like this


Thanks for clarifying


Actually, “douchebag” Englishmen can also speak this way :+1:


Thread of the year and it’s only February


Arise ye peasants!


:joy: forgot to take that out when I was spelling it


This thread is exactly why I need to start clicking on “New” and not just “Unread”

Fucking hell :laughing: