Pay divide unsettles Arsenal players





Sounds like a load of bollocks to me.


Dan ur so naive, don’t ya know anything u read about Arsenal in the tabloids is true especially when it’s negative?


Don’t think it is the main problems, tbh. Most of our players are overpaid.


Hardly surprising to see the media sticking the knife in where possible, giving all the dumb dumbs extra shit to get worked up over.


True. Sack Wenger and it stops.


Oh yeah I forgot that Ozil signed his new deal last season right, or was it the season before?

These idiots don’t even try and be creative anymore, sports journalism eh? It’s dead and buried.


Boo hoo.
The best players are earning more than the under achievers.

This situation has come about because Wenger made complacency at the club quite normal.
Walcott was the perfect example.
He played in a comfort zone with almost no pressure, like several other players, and was paid world class players wages for it, while genuine world class players were earning around the same money.

This is why we lose all our best players.

There should be a pay divide, and if any player isn’t happy with that, then go and find another club where there isn’t one.

The level of complacency and entitlement Wenger has made at the club is going to take the next manager a long time to change round.


Thread titles like this should have quotation marks either side of them. It’s only rumours and speculation.


I think because of this bad time a lot of vultures are seeing the opportunity to post some bile for clicks.


Hmm whose contract expires in 2019 and thinks he’s good enough to be asking for wages in parity with Auba and Ozil?

It’s probably Ramsey leaking more information to his buddies in the press.

Does the deputy editor of the Times, a pay to view website, really put out click bait articles? The story is totally plausible.


This has to be nonsense, there’s a massive growing divide at all clubs. But it’s Arsenal so people will believe it


Next thing up:

Dick sizes unsettles Arsenal players.


In 1971 the Arsenal won the double with a team of players who knew what representing the club meant , not the most glamorous of teams but a team who wanted to win . The team was heading for great things until the signing of World Cup Winner Alan Ball . Bally was an legend who came with a World Cup winners medal however, it was reported by his team players that Bally , who was at the time the highest paid player, left his payslip laying about in the changing room for others to see . This apparently led the team into decline and internal unrest .
It happened then and it can happen now !


That kinda sounds like he was a dick and they all hated him for that, not because of the numbers on his payslip.


This story was told on Bob Wilson meets . It was on the now defunct Arsenal TV . I’ll be buggered who it was . I think it was Frank McLintock .


We’re such a bunch of freaking baby losers. GET BETTER. GET. PAID.


Who has the right to get jealous in that dressing room.
Ozil was a WC winner, Auba was a Bundesliga winner (if I am not wrong). I don’t know how much Laca earns.
70k - 100k is already very well paid for player not wining something big and something important.
They dare to get jealous and upset?


The newspaper journalists . Clutching at straws .


Everyone who’s lived under communist Wenger’s regime. The club had a policy for a long time where nobody earned tons more than anyone else and now it’s reversing it. If you work at a company and you think it works one way for 10 years and they complely change their pay structure some people at that company will be unhappy (normally shit people).

Last summer we were told we couldn’t sign players because of wage increase rules. It’ll be interesting to see how Ramsey negotiations go because everyone can’t be on 200k.