Pay divide unsettles Arsenal players


Apart from Ozil, and maybe Aubameyang, none of our players deserve to be on world class players wages.
They are the only players who are guaranteed a first team starting place and none of the rest of the first team deserve anywhere near close to what they is earning.

Also, almost none of them would get first team football for any of the top clubs in the PL.

If some of our players think they are worth more, they are welcome to try elsewhere.


Sounds like click bait to me, need something to fill the Arsenal in crisis box for a day


It is.There’s nothing in the article worth reading.


I don’t buy it at all. If anything some of them should be lucky to get paid what they do. If this was the case then what about other top teams where the difference is even bigger? Bull imo.


I think the point would be that they’d be given more money if they had signed a contract this year instead of 2 years ago due to how the wage structure within the club is changing. Basically Özil got bumped from wages that were in line with the older contracts to wages that go far beyond that.


If it’s true, then some of the players that are complaining, because they think their wages should go up because Ozil’s have, want to be careful.

There are a few players in our first team that deserve to have their wages go down, especially if they were performance related.


Wenger needs to take a pay cut first, then the players will follow