Paul Merson

Surprised this wasn’t already a topic. I’ve been seeing him allot lately as a mainstay on Sky Sports…he’s a complete idiot. He’s probably the second most annoying Arsenal associate after that one news anchor cunt.

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Preaching to the choir mate

There’s nothing else to say on the topic… probably why he hasn’t already got his own thread :smile:


Thread needs closing

I actually don’t think he’s that bad, I know a lot of older Arsenal fans who really liked him as a player and don’t seem to put to much stock into his Sky Sport’s ramblings.

I think he wears his heart on his sleeve and while he does often digress into nonsense he’s often honest and genuine when talking about the club. I don’t think there’s much harm in him.

He does wind up the sheepish Reddit culture who only started watching Arsenal five years ago so I also quite like that about him.


Yeah, we’re being harsh. He had one good moment:


We could fill this thread out with some goals by the Merse, maybe? :man_shrugging:

Great player


I was just about to ask. How was he actually as a player? Merson is before my time, as the whole Graham team is, but for a player who appeared to be one of the more important players of that time (300+ games for Arsenal) it’s always about him as a pundit rather as a player.

He was the magic man. Him and Wrighty were the first players I proper loved.


Fantastic player. He was the Overmars/Pires before we had Overmars/Pires


That fucking kills me every time :joy:

He was a cracking player and scored some great goals for us. Was massive in the two titles of 89 91.

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Great player for Arsenal, probably left far too early as he could have done at least another two or three years with us. Didn’t he leave cause he wanted a big pay day. Great during the title winning seasons from 89 and 91. Seems like a troubled man off the field with problems with the gambling, drinking and drugs.

As a pundit he’s awful, I don’t think he’s a great fan of Arsenal. Maybe I’m wrong but does he say anything great about us. I know he’s a Chelsea fan. But he’s probably the most overly negative ex player agaisnt us.

He was apparently pissed off that Bergkamp got the nr 10 shirt. A great player though despite his alcohol issues. I remember reading his book when it came out. Interesting read and it was mostly about his love to his wife, who he divorced a few years later.

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Don’t think he ever recovered about the shirt seemed to be peeved about that and still is, however as a player he had skills and could turn a game when needed. Underrated as a player.


Also got the feeling the Wenger way of things wasn’t his cup of tea. It suited the likes of Adams, Keown, Dixon and all the rest of the old guard but Merson just wanted to go out and play and not train too hard.

If you’re of an age to have watched Merson play for us then you can’t possibly dislike him really, but I can see how he could annoy younger / newer fans that have no connection to him.

The “what success?” line is undeniably great tho :laughing:


Do it