Patrick Vieira

Doing a good job with an unfancied team.

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Good to see him do well, not so much against us!

I think a big factor in his under the radar road to success is that he’s not just jumped straight into big club management, New York, Nice, and Palace. 3 very different sets of footballing cultures and what he’s doing at Palace is amazing given that at the beginning of the season they’re were in quite the state.

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Wenger has another 5 years left

Paddy revealing he talks to Wenger quite often and that Wenger watches all of their games.
Very interesting.

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Linked with Dani Cabellos today. Crosses off future managers list. :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Where have you seen this? Madrid are planning to extend his contract. If he was to leave again it would certainly be for Betis.

Might be bringing the Dutch master to CP - legendary team perhaps…

Football Fancast

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Has anyone seen the video of the crowd chanting Vieira kicks who he wants? Would be great if someone could post it here.


How did I double post it? Wouldn’t it stop ne from doing so due to the similarity?

Really nice to go back through all those great seasons. A nice interview.