Patrick Vieira


The City Football Group are desperately seeking to retain Patrick Vieira, who already has an agreement with OGC Nice; even told him that he would "probably" be Pep Guardiola's successor at Manchester City (RMC)

— Get French Football (@GFFN) 21 mei 2018

Big, if true. Although he has to wait three seasons if they truely want that. I want to see him at Nice. They are a small club, but it seems they operate like an intelligent club to offer a proper head coach enough to compete for European football.


If he’s probably going to be City manager I’m sure Nice will let him go without too much fuss in 3 years.


Can someone please correct the spelling of his name?



What is with City and Vieira? He’s not exactly been setting NYC on fire has he?


Vieira has been confirmed as the new Nice manager. Very curious how he is going to do.


Yep - seems like he is serious about management and taking steps up the ladder of teams. I think if he does well there, he could be up for a top tier team (or just below). Another one of our classy players that I am fond of, despite his annoying habit of agitating to leave us and now his affiliation with City.


what a wuss


I hope he smashes it and paves the way to becoming our new manager…


It wouldn’t surprise me that Arsenal are monitoring Vieira management for Emery’s replacement in 2-3 years time . The board certainly won’t go down the two decade managerial road again .
Vieira will become our manager within the next 5years