Paddy or Rodders

So on Talksport last week, the discussion was whose Arsenal best captain. Adam’s or Vieira.
Adam’s for me, but there’s not much in it when you think about it.

  • Adams by a mile
  • Adam’s edges it
  • Vieira by a mile
  • Vieira edges it
  • Too close to call

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I’d say Adams because he’s a local lad.

Vieira was superb aswell for us though and an incredible leader in his own right aswell.

We’ve been truly spoiled to have both as our captains right after each other.


Adams and not even close in my mind.



Adams never whored himself out to every big European club he could think of.


William Gallas for that sulk on the pitch edges it for me

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Adams by a country mile.


@Stroller felt appropriate for me to add a poll, hope you don’t mind.

How can it not be Tony Adams?! Captain at what, 21 I think, he won a league title as captain in three separate decades and he’s a one club man. I’d say he’s one of the greatest captains in the entire history of English domestic football, full stop, so nobody in Arsenal’s history can even begin to stand next to him.


Adams but only just.

Paddy isn’t really liked by our fans much any more. Skews opinion

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I love Paddy. But the fact that he fucked off to Juve when we needed him most, means he will never be our best captain.

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I thought Wenger decided the time was right to flog him and was happy to let him go and reshape things around Fabregas? Not sure that was a case of Vieira up and leaving when we wanted him to stay.

It’s been a while, so maybe I remember it wrong.

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I reckon Adams‘ 15 years as captain compared to Vieira’s 3 years probably skews opinion more. There are more memories of Adams as captain than there are of Paddy.

Mind you, at least Paddy didn’t go to prison :woman_shrugging:


Could absolutely be true of me as well to be fair :+1:

I’m glad Adams did go to prison. I’m not so sure he would have been that outstanding captain towards the end of his career, if he hadn’t cleaned up his act.

He might not even still be alive if it weren’t for that incident.

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You reckon?

Adams himself said prison didn’t teach him anything and that it was just like being in a hotel. He actually said it was his wife and therapy that kept him on the straight and narrow.

Good idea. Then I fucked it up by hitting the wrong option.
Anyway I think Adams just edges it. Vieira was a great leader though.
Always had the ability too change the game with a run or tackle.
Not overly popular since and how he left but he was immense for a period of time.

The way I remember it as well.

I think there’s quotes out there that the acceptance of a bid from juve came as a complete surprise to PV

Got Vieira’s autobiog on my bookshelf next to my desk, if its a slow work day maybe I’ll find his side of the story and share it here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Tbh due to the addiction Adams cost us games which impacted on seasons really.
He freely admitted in the second book that Rioch never got his best form. That’s massive for an incoming manager in the dressing room and training ground.
We all love him but we paper over the flaws because of the happy ending, but it was costly and harmed the club.

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Vieira all day for me, granted he wasn’t at the club as long as Adams but he was captain during our greatest achievement and this may be an unpopular opinion but in my opinion was more vital to our success during our most successful period in recent history, the 97/98 double, 01/02 league title and of course the invincible’s. I also agree with @Stroller his (Adams) addictions cost us during the early to mid 90s.

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