Paddy or Rodders

But you’ve voted for “Vieira by a mile” :thinking:

Adams. He’s in a completely different league to any other Arsenal captain in my book.


Yeah my mistake. Adams by a small margin.

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He came through the youth team and worked his way to be a worthy captain of the first team.
He had the respect of every player because he was brave and always lead by example.
He lifted the league title trophy in three different decades, under two different managers, and is the greatest captain we’ve ever had, having played his whole career at this club.

The other is Patrick Vieira,


I think it’s true to an extent that Adams personal issues (and how that was not just a feature for him but throughout the club) meant we maybe didn’t achieve everything we could/should have in that era. But I can’t hold that against him/others. If anything it’s all the more remarkable to be that he was able to achieve what he did achieve despite that.

What could have been…sure…but I have the same thoughts about what if we hadn’t been banned from Europe in 89 too. Maybe we just would have been shit like we were in 91 anyway but it’s kind of unknown really.


Big Tony everyday of the week .
Adams was The Arsenal but furthermore he was The Badge on the shirt .
Yes Tony battles demons off the pitch but he was a colossus on the pitch. If ever there was a dna of Arsenal it was Adams , don’t get me wrong Paddy V was a fabulous player but Adams was a Giant . Keown wasn’t far behind Adams, both could start a fight in a phone box But then there is Bouldy…
Four fabulous player , four gigantic players who wore The Arsenal shirt .

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Agreed there .

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When Adams was in prison he asked for the wall to be moved back 12 yards