Oxford United vs Arsenal (FA Cup) 0-3 📞

Arent these all rumours?

Youll know the line up an hour before KO
Wouldnt be concerned until then

He won’t make it

It wouldn’t be a true Arsenal team if we didn’t have at least one promising player that is destined for greatness alas is always crocked.

Love these early stage FA Cup matches… so fun and great opportunity to rotate and see more of some of the younger players. Like us to take this comp seriously, but Oxford should be easy with a heavily rotated line up.

Never presume anybody to be easy in the cup. Wrexham and York are ghosts that never leave you.


Gillingham beat Brentford and Gillingham are properly shit - 24th in league two lol

Even Forest last season!

This cup doesn’t get interesting until the quarter finals. Just glad its gave us a break in the league to maybe get a new player for the NLD :joy:

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If we do make it past Oxford it would be nice to get another easy draw so we can continue to concentrate on the PL.

I know some supporters prefer the FA Cup but I’d take losing to Oxford if it meant we get a PL runners up place or winning the Europa League instead.

You don’t have to make a choice look to the stars and take everything


I wouldn’t take losing to Oxford to get a runners up place, ultimately 2nd or 3rd etc doesn’t make a great deal of difference.

I’d certainly take losing to Oxford and going out in the EL round of 16 if it meant winning the PL though.


We’ll play a fairly strong team I think. Six days from Oxford until Spurs.

Youth players like Cozier-Duberry, Sousa, and Nwaneri are all playing at U18 or U21 level today.

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Don’t really have enough players for a second team and that’s the truth (without fielding academy players). We’ll go strong no doubt about it.


mudryk is gonna get a hattrick in this fixture :henry2:

The one guy I wouldn’t play is nketiah. I know he probably wants as many minutes as possible now he’s got his chance but imagine he gets crocked playing Oxford and we have no CF for the NLD.

Could say it for a few players tbh but that’s now the one position where the backup is the weakest.

Fuck this is such a late kick off.

I’ll be on a bloody ferry to Harwich at 9pm :roll_eyes:

Was hoping to at least watch the first half or something

1:30 AM here mate. Does that make you feel better? :slight_smile:


Haha not at all, we’re both shit out of luck.

Although I wouldn’t be surprised if we lose this 1-0


Not the worst game to miss tbh. Can’t say it will be a classic. Arsenal hammering a league 2? team lol

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