Our next 8 games

Basel H
Burnley A
Swansea City H
Ludogorets H
Middlesbrough H
Reading H
Sunderland A
Ludogorets A

We need to build a momentum in this month. We have such a favourable set of fixtures.


We should be picking up 12 points in the league

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Yeah no doubt its a massive opportunity for us but lets just take it one game at a time.

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The game after these is spurs.

The only difficult one could be Swansea, but really, every one of these games we should win comfortably.

If we want to be winning CL and PL’s then all those games we should be winning if we are been honest.

Burnley away and the Swansea home game could be ones going by past form we could slip up in. Swansea are a bogey team for us and Burnley usually step it up at home agaisn’t the top teams (they slaughtered Liverpool at home) I think those could be banana skins. I fully expect wins in the games though.

If we play to our best abilities expect a good month or so ahead.

Should be 8 wins, but it’s unlikely isn’t it

Off to Bulgaria next month and might get myself along to the League Cup match for a rare trip to ‘Emirates Stadium’

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I don’t see Swansea being an issue. We beat them away easily last year, now that Monk is gone we’ll handle them easily.

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I agree. Swansea are shit now but they did beat us when Alan Curtis was the caretaker manager in march :wink:

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We have a shockingly crap record against them at home though. We’ve only beaten them once at the Emirates since they gained promotion in 2011!

Nothing is easy or assured with Arsenal :gunnersaurus:


We should be beating Swansea comfortably at home but you just worry when we haven’t managed to do it in any of the last 4 seasons.

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Lads, lads…Chelsea were our bogey team once upon a time y’know :sunglasses:


I think it was Monk that was the issue more than anything. Yeah they beat us last year but who didn’t beat us in the 2nd half of the season? Think you gotta throw that one out as a one off.

Top at Xmas 19/2…

12/1 on Skybet. @Midfield_Maestro For our fixtures that is tempting for a small bet


10 points minimum from league needed here to keep pace with City.

9/9 in CL should be doable as well - would be an amazing period to solidify our position in both competitions.

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Don’t like these threads tbh, I feel like whenever we think we’ve got a good run of games coming we fuck it up.


At Least its early in the season not a title run in, so we may not fuck it up.

I just said we have a great chance to go on a run. I didn’t predict anything :slight_smile:

We shouldn’t drop as many needless points since we have Mustafi and Xhaka now.


Im hoping this is the extra toughness in the team that is required to avoid most of these silly blunders.