Other Teams' Kits

Fucking hell, they might just as well put the swastika on there.

They’ve put a hold on all personalised kits to make sure none have been printed with the offending “4”.

My un-personalised long-sleeve version turned-up today, it’s a beaut.

This is a bit rich. Not only shades of disgruntled former employee it’s been years since I’ve seen a current kit for sale at my local Sports Direct because they only sell old lines to people who don’t know better.

Perhaps Sports Direct’s money would be better spent on giving their staff proper contracts of employment.

An exclusive deal does seems silly tbh.

It’s silly on all sides. Newcastle aren’t going to grow their market by being selective about who sells their shirts, other retailers will just think “oh, it’s only Newcastle” and get back to selling more popular club shirts and the counterfeiters are going be the real winners because Google Shopping is programmed to compare multiple price points.

More cheap-looking tat for our neighbours.

“The Nike Spurs 2024-2025 jersey is an outstanding one” - Wrong
“The colours are…White/Binary Blue/Binary Blue” - Two “binary” blues? Eh? How does that work?

It’s kind of crazy that somehow they end up with consistently terrible home kits despite having the same color setup we do (i.e.: one primary color and white). Maybe the issue is that white is their primary color with blue as an accent. But it’s never stopped Madrid from having great home shirts.

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Their kits (to me anyway) don’t look like they change anything as such as regards design, they look all similar types of garbage. Or maybe it is because i dont pay much attention to their junk.


All they’ve done is an adaptation of our basic layout - contrasting sleeves.