Online Arsenal Awards 2017


It’s that time of year again and even a little later than usual to be starting this. As is traditional we’re gonna start by throwing it out there for some suggestions about changes we can make.

As a reminder here are the nine awards we had last year.

Personality of the Year
Rivalry of the Year
Admin/Mod of the Year
Post of the Year
Troll of the Year
Unsung Hero of the Year
Poster of the Year
Hipster of the Year
Level Headed of the Year

Firstly the mod/admin award is to be retired and I also would probably like to ditch the Hipster one because it is a bit ill defined really. I’m not sure level headed should be kept either because historically it’s the same people end up in that as end up in poster of the year. I’m also not sure there is any decent rivalries left that we haven’t already given an award to.

So that’s maybe four we could ditch imo but I’d like to end up with a maximum of seven. Let’s hear your thoughts people. :slight_smile:


We should get rid of troll of the year too, that one is played out.


Because you know you are up for the reward this year right?


Well first off I’m not even remotely close to being a troll and second from what I understand even if I was a troll I’m shit at it, so no I’d imagine I’m not in the running for that prestigious award.


IMO we only need these three. Other ones are just filler.


I’ll take this reward with pleasure :henry2: does it come with a prize?


How about “Most Exemplary Arsenal Supporter”?


That’s it’s own award/reward surely. Not asking you directly of course. :stuck_out_tongue:


What about best Luca meltdown of 2017 :wink:


Most enthusiastic/positive member?

Funniest poster?

Sexiest? :sunglasses:


What about Angus of the year, you cunt? :wink:


No point in even having a vote, just give it to me now. I’ll happily share it with you :smirk:


Post of the year
Poster of the year
Thread of the year
Personality of the year
Unsung poster of the year

Those are the ones I’d go for personally.


I liked the Bromance of the year category we had a couple years back.


Read that wrong first time round. :flushed:


Nah that finished once me and doc won it as #teamgigi @Persona



Unsung hero was always a strange one. Like, by being nominated or winning that, by definition they would be ‘sung’ not ‘unsung’
As a sidenote, where is Mysty?


Woah woah woah woah…

Skinhead jake should not be out of this conversation


Can’t get rid of post of the year or thread of the year come now!


Id have a brit/irish award and overseas one. Ditch the Troll and Hipster one.