Online Arsenal Awards 2017


You weirdo :henry2: :mustafi:


And yourself, mister :wink:


Best looking male and female poster. Winners get forced to go on a date with each other :grinning:


I don’t have the authority to force such a thing. :smile:

Haven’t had a chance to get back to this yet but will hopefully start the nominations this evening :slight_smile:


I’m not sure @Cristo ‘s girlfriend will be OK with me dating him to be honest :grin:


Sounds like a great idea, I think there’s absolutely nothing that could go wrong!!


Hahaha my girlfriend can come along as chaperone :joy:


Image @Calum and @Persona winning that award :mustafi:


If there was a party id let you be deejay.


So what happened with these?

Did I win anything?


I was just waiting for someone to ask so i could bestow all awards on them.Congrats to you @Cristo :smiley:

Basically I got lazy and didn’t write the winners thread. Kinda felt like no one cared this time round and then got to the point where i didn’t either.


That’s ok! I just randomly thought about them lol

Thanks to @Phoebica for giving me a close run, I definitely thought I’d lose out to that cheeky cleavage shot with your doggo but it turns out the forum isn’t that shallow after all. Also I totally voted for myself.


Did i win something as well?


I don’t want to downplay what you’re capable of but if we had a cheeky cleavage award you’d have been trounced!


Haha maybe I should vote for myself too then!

Actually i’ll let you have it, my mantelpiece is pretty full anyway :sunglasses:


Yeah I remember seeing you post in the thread asking if you could vote for yourself and I just giggled and kept quiet because I’m an evil genius like that :rofl:


I thought you were joking, did you actually really vote for yourself?

That should be mean disqualification based on desperation/blowing one’s own trumpet: :cristo:


Yes Luca post of the year thanks to your love of roast chicken, lol i can imagine those grease stains all over ur keyboard right now.


Oh I totally voted for myself.

If the President can vote for himself, so can I!

Also, the rules never stated anything about voting for yourself and the voting mechanism allows it too, so you’ve not got a foot to stand on my dear.



Those aren’t grease-stains bro