Olivier Giroud

What a player.
When it comes to breaking records, Giroud is up there with Henry.

Henry never came close to beating Giroud’s fifteen game record for a striker not scoring in the PL or not scoring in a winning World Cup team.


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The absolute nerve of this tool. Mbappe was busy winning you a World Cup medal while you served up a real memorable zero goals at Russia 2018. If he doesn’t pass to you, it’s probably because he’s got a better option. Giroud is so lucky Benzema got caught with the the Valbuena sex tape otherwise he never would have made that roster in 2018 and his France career would have been toast.


Just a nothing incident being turned into a soap opera.
Wasn’t it Giroud who offered the apology in training the next day and was refused.
Holding a grudge for a week though is poor form by Mbappe.


Yeah, feel the same way. Just seems to win trophies wherever he is, without always contributing to it.

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and he was like a, starting striker for them?

We need to kill this narrative once and for all. It’s like a nasty dirty weed that keeps on popping up no matter how many times you dose it in salt and bleach.

Which trophy didn’t he contribute to? Why do people feel the need to constantly shit on this guy and his accomplishments?

People actually forget before he was at any top club this guy actually won Ligue 1 for Montpellier and was joint top scorer


I think Lacazette was also a top scorer and won some trophies in Ligue 1 as well?


Giroud’s achievements with Montpellier are much greater than anything Lacazette than Lyon or Arsenal for that matter too.


I think many of including myself have had underestimated Giroud. Impressive how he remains relevant while most of us thought he was just not good enough.

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If there’s one thing I can’t knock Giroud for it’s the career he’s had.

He’s shown incredible hustle to come go from from the lower leagues in France, winning the title with Montpellier and achieving all he has in England. If anything he’s example of where sheer hard work can get you in the game, he’s not the most talented or prolific but he’s been very useful wherever he’s gone.

With that said should never have been our #1 striker option for as long as he was.

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IMO, we both underestimated and overestimated him.
As a rotation/#2, he was more than sufficient. A very good servant.
As a #1, he was not enough.


I find it pretty funny how much people begrudge him his success haha. I mean, I don’t like him having success at Chelsea one little bit, but that’s really about my enmity towards Chelsea, not him. Whereas for quite a lot of people it seems to be about him personally, judging from the way they seem to hate his success with France as well as anything achieved at Chelsea. I mean this as a general comment too, no indirects aimed at any particular users as I feel what I see on social media informs what I’ve said above as much as what I see on here.

I’ve always considered myself to be fairly down the middle on Giroud, more than happy to dish out a shitload of criticism the many times its been justified as much as I’ve also been willing to defend him. But relative to other people, I’m starting to feel like I must actually be a bit closer to being a fan of his than I am the middle ground lol. I can’t help but admire what he has achieved relative to his talents and don’t feel much like trying to downplay them, he’s played his part and can be happy with that imo.


Olivier Giroud is average as fuck and it’s a disgrace that we had too, just like with Xhaka, watch him as a starting player for us for five seasons.


That’s what I mean about feeling like I’m quite down the middle on Giroud lol, because I completely agree with your post.

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He was average definitely main issue with him is we never got over the hump with him up top, if we someone managed to squeeze out a single league title which let’s face it we should have done with Sanchez and Ozil he’d get nowhere near as much scorn.

But we didn’t so yeah he gets ripped at every opportunity ahah.

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I think that the fact that he went to Chelsea and won a Europa League and Champions League whilst being there, doesn’t help. If he would be in Italy or PSG people would care a lot less.

And a World Cup :ozil:

I will always remember him for being the starting striker for France in the WC. 7 games, 0 goals, world champion. That’s hard to beat.

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People always mention this. They ignore their eyes and the words of his actual team mates. There is a 0 in the goals column therefore he obviously contributed absolutely nothing.

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