Olivier Giroud

I can’t believe it. We played better football with Chamakh, Bendtner and Sanogo.

This club is upside down.

*to a bunch of twats

tbf giroud used to annoy the heck out of us also…wasnt there a match that he didnt score something like 7 sitters

Nah…that was Bendtner.

Giroud wasn’t good enough, later year Wenger wasn’t good enough. We haven’t been good enough for years. We’re just infinitely worse now than most of us will ever remember us being.


I don’t know but he certainly broke the record for a striker not scoring for more than fifteen games.
A proud record which I think he still holds.

But for £10m or whatever it was he cost, at least we got value for money. Paid a hefty fee for Lacazette to barely notice any difference :grin:


I don’t doubt that at all. Giroud, for what we paid, was superb business. He just should never have been THE guy for Arsenal for as long as he was.


If we got Vardy that summer then Giroud is probably still here as our plan B. What might have been :grin:


Giroud would of worked out as long as we signed Higuain the season after like we should’ve.

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Giroud should never have been THE guy Arsenal depended on for goals. The failure imo was not recognising that the main goalscorer didn’t have to be the centre-forward, but could start from out-wide.

A small thing like upgrading Walcott/Chamberlain/Iwobi would have gone a long way to doing just that.

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Walcott would be one of our most productive players right now


Theo was always underrated and particularly in hindsight when you look at how good his numbers were, and generally from playing wide. I can’t understand how some people think he was complete shit.


This fucking Rylan wannabe getting discussed again.

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Nahh man, Theo was lethal at times. Almost all of the players from that era are better man for man than what we’ve got today.

Walcott at the point Giroud came along was a shell of himself due to the knee injury. Was still good but not what he was. We had Sanchez basically as a wide forward and was scoring plenty of goals for us. Goals weren’t necessarily the issue back then I think the midfield was a bigger problem but yeah we coulda covered for that with a better CF for sure.