Odsonne Édouard

We would have the best striker depth in the league if this happens :fire::fire::fire::fire:


I assume the club need sell Lacazette first


Sadly yes as if he stays this summer he’s definitely off in summer 2021 we need to make space for him.

Interesting FIFA stats…

On FM he always signs for Man City but ends up being loaned out until his contract expires.


This is a massive moment for Celtic and their season.
Be a very hard negotiations and have to be prepared too give a bit more if we really want him.


On FM I signed him for backup haha he turns out very good

Yeah this is only if we sell Lacazette I reckon

No way this happens. They’ll want an enormous fee for him surely, something like £50m.

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PSG have a 30% sell on clause so he isn’t going for 25M either haha

Seems like a good gamble to take

  • Partey + AM
  • Partey + Édouard
  • Édouard +AM

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By AM I mean a midfielder that can help us break teams down.

This is if we sell Lacazette plus a couple midfield misfits.

Went Eduard and AM .Don’t see us having the money for Partey as well.
Why we don’t try and get shut of Xhaka and build properly is fucking annoying though.


Our midfield consist of Xhaka, Elneny, Torreira none of whom should be our future, so I would prefer if we bring in couple of midfielders.

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Edouard will cost far more than EUR 25m. More like EUR 40 - 50m. Hopefully we can make some more sales to generate the cash. We either buy him this summer or he’s gone - next season he will be way out of our price bracket.

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If we sign him, can I please please pleeease rename him Edouard Delaqua?


We really need a proper DM/DLP/CM like Partey, but I don’t know enough about him to judge his quality… so I voted Edouard + AM, but honestly the CM is the most important position to upgrade (Xhaka) here, even though we won’t.


I don’t think we will sign him unless we sell lace or Auba.

Think villa or Newcastle might snap him up they could do with a forward

I would have thought that Arteta’s priority would be a CM like Partey so, unless we sell Lacazette, there’s no way we’ll get both Edouard and Partey in this window.