OA FIFA 17 Pro Clubs (PS4)


anyone up for some games today?


I can play now till about 5


Hi guys,
I’m a gold rank fut champion
Fancy doing pro club now
I like to play as cm/cdm
How many players are there in your team?


Hey Tommy, thanks for visiting! We have about 5 or 6 members, not super active right now, but we try to play most weekends. Can’t play this afternoon though, unfortunately. We’re online mostly during evenings. In fact I can play tonight :).

@hassassin up for a few games tonight?


I can only play in the evening tho
What’s your psn?



add me up :slight_smile:


count me in for tonight




What time do you guys usually play until? I get off work 4 or 5 most days which would be 10 or 11 in the UK. The clocks will change soon though to only a 5 hour difference.


That’s actually a really decent time.

@Bl1nk not sure mate, watching MNF with a few friends who happen to be United and Liverpool fans. Gotta sit back and enjoy that chaos as it unfolds for my entertainment haha.


Anyone on tonight?


I can play from about 7.45 till 9.30


Me and Huss should be on tonight as well.


I will be on tonight


I’m going on in about 15 minutes actually


Cool I can jump on in about 30


Good games @Lister86 , @Midfield_Maestro think we got promoted!


Argh some of the AI are awful…


Not sure if you have all added me to your PSN but I am TheScamp08

I am loving Pro Clubs right now, only thing I play


I play too late for you guys so could create a OA B team as it were if any of you play around 10-11ish PM UK time?