OA FIFA 17 Pro Clubs (PS4)

Does anyone that has FIFA 17 on PS4 fancy playing Pro Clubs?

Also, some important details on the game mode this year:




Pro Clubs in FIFA 17 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles introduces a brand new Player Growth system, based upon fan feedback to help deliver a comprehensive new way to develop your player. In addition, we’ve listened to your feedback and delivered customisable Custom Kits and Crests, which brings a new level of personalisation to your Pro Clubs Season.

Player Growth has completely changed in FIFA 17. The new system is based upon your overall Match Rating to really focus on teamwork and co-operation, authentically re-creating real world football where teamwork is the most important aspect.


After you have completed a match you’ll receive a Match Rating out of 10. Depending upon which position you play, certain aspects of your Player will level up at different speeds, for example, a striker will grow Shooting more quickly than Defending. Chart your progress and see how your Player has developed. You’ll be able to track how each of the individual attributes are growing at the end of every match, based upon your match ratings.


In addition, you’ll have the option to select from a wider variety of Traits to give a new layer of depth to how your Player grows. Spend Skill Points, that are earned in-game, to equip specific Traits to Physical, Defending, Dribbling, Passing, Shooting, Pace, or Goalkeeping. Maybe you want to have a Giant Throw-In Trait or more Pace, it’s up to you to customise your Player. Each Trait comes with a different Skill Point cost, which are earned by playing League or Cup matches, so think wisely before selecting.


*Skill Points Not Final

Another exciting feature introduced in FIFA 17 is the opportunity to customise Kits and Crests for your Pro Club.

Choose from 24 Kit templates available in FIFA 17 and customise them to match your teams personality. You’ll have the option to select Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary colours to really add a layer of flair to your unique strip.


Add that all important Crest to your personal Kit to really feel like a part of the Club. Select your Crest Shape and design before choosing the Primary colour. Now you’ll have a Crest to kiss in celebration of your famous victories.


I’ll join tomorrow/this weekend :slight_smile:

@Sol @Craigie @Judders @LoTheGooner @Midfield_Maestro @I_W

Let’s do this.

Im up for it

I need to try out the demos but from what I’ve read about both it sounds like I might go PES this time around. On the whole FIFA normally makes me miserable.

I tried that last year. Bought both but FIFA just captured me more.

Bought FIFA 17 today. Won’t get a chance to play until tomorrow but would be up for testing out pro clubs again.

@Bl1nk @Midfield_Maestro @Lister86

You lot up for some games?

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I’ll be on in 25 minutes, with a mate.

I am on night shift tonight. If urs are on tomorrow will have a game

Coming on now

Good job guys, promoted to the next division straight away :sunglasses:

4 wins, 1 draw, 1 defeat.


Fuck only just seen this…what position you want me to play?

Do you even have to ask? Full-back, power long throws :smiley: classic.

Nah, I think wing or center mid.

Anyone up for some games tonight?

Cool, I’ll be on tonight but not till about 10:30ish UK time but till late :wink:

Not looked at Pro Clubs but do you have to start from scratch or does your player from 16 go with you?

FIFA 16 pro carried over :slight_smile: there are no more traits or catalogue boosts though, your pro will be about 78/79 at the start.

We need people on the mic. Last time it was just me and Hass which made it a bit difficult. :mask:

I got me mic controller!!!

I have a mic, couldn’t use it last time as my GF was asleep and the bedroom is right next to the gaming room. I know I know, bad planning.

Priorities my friend. Communication on the pitch is more vital than your girlfiend’s shut eye. Come on man. :roll_eyes:


By the way, if people wanna try different positions feel free to ask/discuss. We should all be able to play anywhere, just rotate.

I can play up front, CAM or winger. Not really good as CM/CDM. Never played at the back, so not gonna try, only if we’re on with more than 4 or 5.

Prefer CAM as thats where I play in real life (I sees everything :alien:). But I know its a popular position so if someones already there when I join I dont mind amything else really…across the midfield or up top. Im a pretty nifty ANY as well if you would prefer to play with one.

Also I have a friend who would like to play. He is a very good team player, if its OK of course.