OA FIFA 17 Pro Clubs (PS4)


I will be on about 8.30tonight and I have a mic and like to play as dm or dlp


I am on now if any one wants a game?


Not for me tonight mate, knackered. Will be on this week for sure though :slight_smile:


I’m going to get this game some time next week. I’d love to get going at this again but I’ll be playing in the EST time zone. Anyone near the states that will be running this? A two team situation could develop if everyone is cool with that.


Quite liked the style of football we were playing when we were creating and scoring these goals, but was unimpressed by what we resorted to the other times even when we managed to scrape a draw or win. As soon as we abandon the patient team approach I know we’re going to do badly and we often do. But we create amazing opportunities when we play the short passing and team oriented game.


@Bl1nk is one silky ass goalscoring machine! :iwobi:


If you see me online give me a shout brohan.


Playing some drop ins last night, I am playing as a CDM and fucking loving it.

No fancy shit, tackle pass, tackle pass


Anyone on tonight?


yes till late


Anybody up for clubs in 20 minutes?


Yeah I can be on in around 30mins for an hour or so


Argh sorry, just saw your PM on my PSN phone app.


Who’s up for some clubs this afternoon?


Count me inn


Yep I’m in. Will need an invite back to the club if its not open :+1:

Edit: What time are you looking to go on? I’ll be free from around 3pm


I’ve been lying in bed with a fever since posting that :frowning: sorry guys. I feel too shit to play


Anyone up for Pro Clubs around 7?


I can around 8…


Just joined the club, see you guys are playing. Perhaps I could join the next game. Only have the standard PS4 ‘headset’ though…