OA fantasy football 2018/19


Scottish Hazard :sunglasses: @Electrifying



Come on Auba ( C ) hattrick please?! :pray::heart_eyes:


Really should have got more ffs dissspointed at only 84 :disappointed:


The lads!! Wilson as captain and have Fraser aswell haha

:joy::joy::joy: YES!!


In FPL Cup the guy I was against had Ings benched, who won 13 points, but magically he got put into the XI and now he wins it? Wtf is that all about?


Lmao, I hope it wasn’t me? I totally forgot I had Ings still in my team. Had him benched, Aguero was injured and it swapped them automatically for me. 13 clams in the bag :sunglasses:


Wow that is Emery levels of shithousery :joy:


Gonna stop captaining Auba as every time I do he fucking blanks :joy::joy:


Since I’ve put him in he’s done sweet FA.

I shipped out Salah just before the hatrick too :weary:


ANDERSON MADNESSSSSS why couldn’t the prick do this when I captained him at the weekend ffssss haha


Up into the top 10! On a march now!


I am so shit lol! Getting relegated again :xhaka2: