OA Awards

It’s December. It can only mean one thing. it’s time for the annual OA Awards :wenger: This year I’ll be running the awards and what’s been a busy year for Arsenal, there will be many moments to honour and review!

Last year saw 7 awards on offer to the Forum, which were:

Personality of the Year
Troll of the Year
Poster of the Year
(Perry Groves) Unsung member of the Year
The Get a room award
Thread of the Year
Post of the Year

Now is the time to suggest any ideas or things you’d like to see feature or changed in the 2018 awards. What awards should stay, is there any from the list that should be removed? Maybe you have an idea for a new award, or an award previously used in the past you’d like to see return?

The nomination process will get under way either end of the week, or the start of next week.

The awards can only be as good as they are, if we receive plenty of feedback and effort from the whole OA community, so let’s get the ball rolling :smiley:

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Take away unsung award.

I think whoever gets that award is by definition not unsung lol.

Maybe replace it with a ‘hustler award’ or something. Different to the poster of the year and kind of going after unsung posters.

As in, recognising say, the work Luca does in posting the goal vids, or Calum with random tweets with news etc.

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Best dramatic reaction to a new manager announcement.


Best drunk poster award. :torreira:


The above two nominations have runaway winners lol.

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So glad @Mysty is back to bring out the little idiosyncrasies of this site, which is what makes it the best. It’s not all about football, it’s about us the OA community and the fun we have. Mysty :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


There’s a lot of love in that post… You trying to win Mysty’s vote with sexual favours or something? Pretty sure bribing a mod is against the rules :smile:

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I’m also quite sure that @Mysty is only sexually atracted to frogs.

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I can already tell @BigWeng_4LYFE is trying to get in my good books :sweat_smile: As for that bribe…

@TheSpecialCnut True, we did have that Elizabeth member a few years back who was one :wenger:

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No it’s fucking not. We’re like any other footballing administrators.

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My initial thoughts are that I’d like to see the Troll award gone for this year. I feel like in recent years it’s been slim pickings and we hardly have any proper trolls like we used to have years ago. I know there’s that Spurs member who was pretty hilarious with his trolling, but there’s no other examples really like that on here.

@Electrifying I think you might be right about Unsung. I’ve always liked this award, but I think after 10 years, it’s probably getting the point where many members have been awarded it, that it’ll get to the point where everyone will end up winning the unsung, that then no one will be unsung anymore :laughing:

What about an OA Moment of the year award? It doesn’t have to focus on a specific post. It can be something to do with Arsenal, or something a particular member, something that just stands out more than anything else from the year?

What about an award that focus on something that made you go WTF, something completely outrageous.

I recall @Stroller mentioned an idea from 2016 about Best European poster and Best “Rest of the World” poster.

Again, I’m just merely brainstorming, getting some ideas going. You might think they’re all shit but whatever :giroud:

Sure, but it will get repetive with me winning it every year.

Extent OA awards from activity & members within OA to entire Arsenal community.

Acknowledge some away fan who goes with the team on every away match.
Award the best blogger or best podcast; who best to award them than active Arsenal fanbase here.

But yes, not now, too late for it. Lets do this from next year.

This will also bring attention to the forum and we can finally have some worthy troll nominations.

Worst idea to increase club income award.


It’s a nice idea in theory @Trion but I don’t know how many people know, ‘who is the best away fan’ best blogger, best podcast etc. I certainly wouldn’t have a clue. I don’t think it would generate much nominations or voting. At least by keeping it within OA related, regulars will know what’s what. Besides, if we had a best blogger, that might encourage @Leper to start his own blog again, no one needs that… :poldi:

I’d really like to bring back the Newbie award, but not sure how many actual new ones we have? Can’t hand it to just @LordBendtner now :henry2: Unless I make it something like Best Newbie/Returnee, seeing as we’ve had several members make their way back to the Forum this year.

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We should make it like the academy awards.

Have a category for best Meme creator (AA equivalent would be like special fx)

Best one liner burn (animated short)

Best rant (screenwriter)

Mod of the year (director)

Best sharer of arsenal related news (best documentary feature)

Match Day Thread of the Year


Bad guy of the year? Might be too one sided for Luca lol

The Luca Award For Biggest Overreaction

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Best Simpsons reference award?