OA Awards Nominations thread 2018

So then, it’s time for the nomination process to commence! For 2018, there are eight awards on offer, including three new awards.

Personality of the Year
The Get a Room award
Post of the Year *
Workhorse award (New)
Combative member of the Year (New)
Thread of the Year
OA moment of the Year (New)
Poster of the Year

The Workhorse award, is in recoginition of someone, who goes ‘above and beyond’ in their efforts to make the Forum a better place. The Combative award is someone who is not afraid to get stuck into a debate. Loves to scrap things out regardless of the argument. And the OA moment is highlighted by a particular event/moment that stands out the most from 2018. Whether it’s Arsenal related, or something on the Forum, a particular incident to a member. A meet up, bans, a member that’s comeback to OA. A set of posts or sequence of events. It can be anything really.

Some Helpful tips

Post of the Year *


Use these two links to guide your way through OA’s best rated posts to help jog memories on any stand out posts from 2018. This is the only real way you have of finding a particular post you’re looking for, so it might take a while to trawl through. Alternatively, you can view profiles of any member and see their top rated posts in the summary section.

If you’re struggling to remember names for awards, this link will display all current OA members, in postal order https://www.onlinearsenal.com/users?order=post_count&period=all

You can include up to three nominations for each award. You don’t have to answer all the awards if you don’t wish to. Though ideally the more we receive, the better the polls will be, so if you have a favourite that deserves recognition, please vote them in! :slight_smile: Nominees will need at least two votes, in order to make the final shortlist for each poll. You can NOT choose yourself for an award.

Please send me your nomination choices via PM.

The deadline for entries will be Friday 14th December 23:59 UK time.

If you have any questions, don’t hesistate to ask. Let’s make this a memorable year of awards! :kos2:


Mass tag spam so no one forgets or misses out…

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Can you tell me more about the get a room reward? The sexual tension doesnt seem to high on a internet forum dominated by males tbh.

@LordBendtner Sure thing. Don’t let the name of it put you off. It’s basically a mix of the rivalry and bromance awards. So you’re not just putting in good buddy entries, it can also be those who don’t get along at all, who seem to always be arguing at the other person. For example, last year I got nominated for this award alongside bloody Discobot :joy:


I’ll try and submit mine at some stage during the week.

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I’m not playing then



I guess I’ve failed OA this year then and for that I apologise.

Now, if my puppet accounts want to pick me, is that fine? Can they nominate me for an award (or all of them)?

What awards would you nominate yourself for? :poldi:

Thank you to those who have sent me the first batch of nominations. I was half worried I’d log on and I’d find a big fat 0 under the green notification :sweat_smile: Definately some interesting choices made for the awards so far. Keep them coming!

@ekr Not unless you want to risk a ban for multi accounts :wink:

All of them!

I’m already at a disadvantage without Luca here to vote for me for everything :santi:

You’d be lying to yourself, if you’re suggesting you have a personality though…

:poldi: * Hides * (I’m only kidding, before anyone decides to throw rotten tomatoes at me :gunnersaurus: )

aaaawwwww how could you say such things to Jade, you knows she adores you…you being mean because you like her eh :giroud:

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I will take this opportunity to withdraw from below nomination

Poster of the Year

I believe it would be extremely unfair to have my name into consideration.
That said whoever wins this award, please do not feel that your victory is, in any form, an empty one. You won and completely deserved it.

Wenger bless you

This is exactly it. He’s like Helga from Hey Arnold, pushes me over in the playground then goes home to his Jade shrine. He even has a life size model of me!


Any reference from Hey Arnold will get a like from me.
What is Phoebica nominated in?
She will definitely get my vote for funniest member of 2018.

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I think we long established that it’s quite the other way round Missy lol. You didn’t want me playing on the right wing because you said I would let you down :santi:

Just sent mine in :fist:t3::fist:t3: I hope as many of us can participate as possible.


Also sent mine in.

It was ok last year when I only got a few sets of nominations but don’t leave @Mysty hanging people. He deserves better! :smiley:


Only a few days left guys, so make sure everybody gets there’s in before the Friday deadline :slight_smile:

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