OA Awards 2020: Voting now open!

As promised the voting is now open for the OA awards 2020.

As with last year there will be five available categories and I will accept up to five nominations in each category. Please send them on to me by PM.

The categories are:
Poster of the year - Who has been your top Poster in 2020?
Personality of the year - Could be who makes you laugh the most, who adds to the atmosphere, who keeps the conversation flowing.
Thread of the year - Which thread provided the most entertainment in 2020
The get a room award - which beefs have caught your attention?
OA moment of the year award - A signing? A win? The PM announcing lockdown?

Nominations will remain open until Sunday 20th and maybe a little longer if I have to finish stuff off in work on Christmas week so if you want to only send in 4 for Moment in the hope that you can pick Arteta sacking as your fifth that is fine.

I will multitag the fuck out of everyone later.


One set of nominations tonight? G’wan!

I’m winning every single one of the awards

I’m happy to see such a turnaround from u on the OA awards :+1::grin:

Finding 5 OA members with personalities is going to be the tricky part


@shamrockgooner This will be the first awards I vote for, and my mind has gone blank on some names. Will you tag everyone’s name on this thread? Should trigger my memory straightaway :blush:

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Same here - would be helpful as I will otherwise, unfortunately, forget some names.

On my post work to do list :+1:

Some helpful links:

2020 Top Threads (Based on OP number of likes it seems)
User List filtered on 2020

Haha I forgot the Malang Sarr one.

@Stroller and I were like Morecambe and Not-so-wise

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Nominations please:
@JakeyBoy @Phoebica @Calum @Stroller @SRCJJ @Midfield_Maestro @Electrifying @Cristo @Castiel @Craigie @Aussiegooner @Sol @GC-Maniac @sevchenko @Trion @Darkseid @InvincibleDB10 @Joshua @SDGooner @arsenescoatmaker @Flexo @CliftonGeraldi @Jules @Leper @AM_Exile @RockyMaivia @oompa @BizzySignal @MissRedNL @SpankyJoyJoy @YJYUX @Pires @Gladiator @Ocke @will24 @Robin_L @Bavin @wilshambition @Persona @k1tsun3 @Gio @ljungbergkamp @Kroenkeoutplease @JohnnyH @LordBendtner @Subrat420 @Hass @LTG @Ashgooner1 @A.F @Forever @ronniec @Maverick79 @MO_OA49 @NeedCoffee @KITN @Powderfinger @jmb27 @TheSpecialCnut @Gunnerpr @Dr_Strangepass @giner @HotCrossGuns @rednwhitearmy @JoshCKY @sunny310c @ArcticArsenal @mhappy @Lister86 @Great-White-Gooner @ @BergkampsLoveChild @Bergkamp10GOAT @Bob @Judders @Wivenswold @Disaster @Shill @Maxi_Gooner @Franky4fingers @Varunn @Feche @SJain @Sosh @pepelapepe @ekr @Daniel14 @Pfooty @Mysty @LFS-forward @Gedionanb @Leaf @Chapman @TheArsenal4Life @SwissGooner @Berkobotswana @morrisc311 @DutchGooner @AW49 @GoonerBill1954 @Fagano @DANNYMAN90 @MilesDavis @Annie85x @RichardDeP @GreenLanesLoony @ImmoralGunner @PPB @Naweed @idris @Mercenary @DennisTheGod @_OG @Farthammer @Mateoa3 @Aalborg @Fan_without_a_face @Wengerfanboi


If you’re not tagged above its because you already voted or have less than ten posts in the last year :slight_smile:


I nominate whatever thread we did that massive chain of quotes in.



I second this nomination.

This thread is not for nominations. Thank you.


Fuck off :slight_smile:

How you vote?

Send me a PM with your nominations for each award. Up to five per award. Voting threads will appear in time :slight_smile:

Think he confused a bit. What he’s looking for right now is nominations from all of us for the 5 categories he listed above. So we gotta nominate members ect for those awards and we have until the 20th. He will tabulate the noms and then we will vote after the 20th on whoever gets nominated most.

Nope. No idea what your talking about. :neutral_face: