Nottingham Forest Vs Arsenal (PL)

Saturday 2023-05-20T16:30:00Z

:stadium: The City Ground
:tv: Sky Sports

I have a feeling we will lose our third straight game here. Forest probably need one more win to secure survival and I don’t think we will want it as much as them.

  • Arsenal win
  • Forest win
  • Draw

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Think we lose this one as motivation is gone and forest will be well up for this in the fight for survival.

Lol, I don’t think you guys are aware of no pressure Arsenal. Watch us play like peak Brazil next game.


Think we’ll lose unfortunately, Forest gonna be well up for it.

Doesn’t matter anymore. Play the kids.

Our first team is kids :sweat_smile:


Finding it hard to care at all right now, tbh.


That should be in the poll

I think we lose this to a motivated Forest side and then a nice morale boosting win against Wolves to take us into the summer. 84 points and lots of positives to look back on once there dust settles.

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We’ll batter Forest. Almost don’t want to see it as it will be the nail in their coffin probably.

Wait, you think they’re going down?

They aren’t beating us and they’d need something away to Palace. Not confident.

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Yeah I was thinking the same. It’s still a very interesting relegation fight. Leeds could be the surprise package as they have West Ham and Spurs left. Win both and they push Forest into the shit.

Everton may end up 1 point ahead of Forest just by way of a final day home win against a “do we play for the win” Bournemouth

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I am expecting a big win from us next weekend. We now have no pressure at all. We maybe abit tired with some injuries but I feel this could be a big win. Whatever happens - Iam super proud of the team this year. Sad we are going to fall short but that’s football.

Could careless as no one is challenging us for 2nd :unamused:

Well I can see everyone is looking forward to this with 5 days without a post :joy:


Lol I think my post sums up the feeling most probably have

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I’m only interested in the summer transfer window, and the start of next season.

This season can do one.

Plus the weather is getting nice, and being outside and forgetting about football is good for my mood :slight_smile:


First game of the season I can’t watch. But it’s one I can probably afford to miss.

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I’m going to perv on a country singer’s arms at the Royal Albert Hall, but might try catch the first half in a pub somewhere. Definitely need to see some more of us before the season is out as I can’t be having that torrid performance v Brighton as my last memory of us this season.