Nottingham Forest vs Arsenal (PL) 1-2

Nottingham Forest vs Arsenal

:stadium: The City Ground
:calendar: Tuesday 2024-01-30T19:30:00Z
:soccer: Premier League


  • Nottingham Forest win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Fucking hell another 10 day wait.

January is bad enough :joy:

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Worst month of the year by far


I think the extra break is good, especially after concerns about Gabriel and Rice today. Hope that extra time means they can recover and be fit, if not for Forest, for Liverpool which is probably a must win home game now in the context of the title race.

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Need that time so the club can leak news of Partey’s imminent return for nine days and then the obligatory setback 12 hours before kick off.


Last two times I’ve been to the City Ground to watch us play Forest - we’ve lost.

Armchair viewing this time so 3-1. Without the AFCON players this will be less of a test than usual and Forest’s forward line doesn’t post much of a threat.

Jesus needs to get on the scoresheet.


Is it an FA Cup weekend next weekend or something?

Yep. Starts Friday with spurs v man city

Yeah so it’s our own fault for the long break, for being shit in the cup!


Good man.

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Elanga and Gibbs-white both injured, 6 have gone to Afcon!

Forest 1-1 Arsenal

I want Arsenal to contribute to global warming with these motherfuckers and DeForest them.

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You’re not pulling up any trees with that comment.

I just hope we’re Amazon on the day.

We’re not going to branch out that far

Another 5-0 win for the Arsenal pls, to restore some faith and confidence. 10 day wait is too long.

With all these puns about Forest and trees, you just know Wood will score. :grinning:
Although still think we’ll win.


Let’s see if those reports earlier in the month were true about Partey being back for this game.


This winter break is so dead. Feels like we Never play games anymore. Play some fucking football you cunts


Life feels pointless

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