Nottingham Forest vs Arsenal (PL) 1-2

No football involving Arsenal on the weekends in January is just not right. I hope the team has used all this extra time well and we have a cracking second half of the season.

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Our own fault for not taking the domestic cups seriously

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Fly to Japan the morning after this, hopefully they send me off with a good performance and 3 points!


Rubbish. We gave it a go, we got beat.


Yeah, really gave it a go against West Ham :roll_eyes:

Did the club selfdestruct or something? Did we stop playing football forever?

You didn’t hear? Josh and Edu decided to close the footballing department. We just sell retro and special edition kits now.

This is the worst break ever. Three matches all month. What kind of bullshit is this.

Imagine if we somehow lose this match as well.

My head will be on Neptune. :rofl:


I actually forgot the match was this Tuesday! I thought it was next Tuesday so this was an unexpected surprise. Let’s hope we don’t shit the bed.

Edit: I guess all surprises are unexpected?

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Must win.
No other results are acceptable.

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Late fitness tests for Rice and Gabriel tomorrow.

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Thomas still not ready :man_facepalming:

We need to win here finally…hopefully we can do it and put some pressure on Liverpool. Then a huge match on Sunday!

You surprised? It’d be more surprising to see him play.

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I think he’ll feature in the second half against Liverpool.

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Finally you cunts


Yeah I actually thought we’d see him back, won’t surprise me if he’s hurt again after a match or 2 once he returns though.

When was the last time we played some football?

In 2021?!

Feels like we almost didn’t play after the new year, although we did have those two games (Pool and Palace).

I really think this break came at the right moment for us after a pretty weak finish to the last year.

Really hope we can somehow restart and go into this “second part” of the season with some new energy and some fresh ideas.

Yeah, some things never change :vinai:

The game is at 1 AM here in India and I am torn between waking up (not staying up) for this one or watching the replay tomorrow. Want to watch it cause it’s been too long since we last played but then whenever I’ve stayed up to watch a late night PL game, we’ve not always done well, so there is that.

I’m going to miss the majority of this match due to work. Think I’ll just avoid the score until I can catch the replay