Nottingham Forest Vs Arsenal (FA Cup)


I’m not that shocked as I predicted a draw, away from home we are pretty capable of losing to anyone.




He better play a full strength side in the League Cup now…


I can understand the “cup team” idea but even when he did this before he at least had Arshavin, Nasri etc. on the bench.

When the tide was against us introducing Alexis and Ozil might have made this team go fuck this, we’re gonna win. There’s no way seniors like Mertesacker and Ospina see Nketieh come off the bench and think that anything is about to change.


Good banter from The EL account


In contrast, spurs were held 0-0 until 60 mins. Poch brings on Son and Alli, boom 3 goals.



At the risk of raising my head above the parapet, he’s put sides of this strength out before in the 3rd round of the Fa Cup and won through, albeit they’ve mostly been at home. Did we not go through vs Preston with this sort of team.

Walcott Welbz and Iwobi should be enough of an attacking threat regardless of the youth around them. I just think the whole atmosphere around the club sucks at the moment and maybe again Forest ‘wanted it more’


Yet Wenger, who is Europe’s most experienced manager, couldn’t come up with such an ingenious idea.

Who’d have though that having a few quality players on the bench, in case things aren’t going right, would have made the difference.


It’s like we’ve finally been burned at the 21st opportunity but we didn’t mind it too much when we won through each year. Anyway defending Wenger too much gives me palpitations so I’ll stop now.



“We can’t win it every year so oh well…”


Fair point tbh but ive never agreed with it. Id honestly rest 3 or 4 bigger names in the last league game. This cup has always effected me. Having stood at York and Wrexham in the past it never gets better.
Today as in europe though shows we have no depth. Small bitesize but none of these kids look anything for me.


Lol! He didn’t give a fuck ahahahah!


Meh less games and it’s a learning curve fir the young players who were exciting at times im not bothered


Sanchez right now


Well, i am furious, not enjoying it. But i don’t want to make further comment, as someone is keeping a close eye on me.


Nah just let it rip Luca, get it of your chest now :wink:

Seriously there isn’t much to be said. The game speaks for itself. Pathetic.


I’m not sure about other cup games, but the Preston game Mustafi, Giroud, Ramsey, Monreal were starting.


Don’t be angry. Even Wenger isn’t angry.

The only thing to do is laugh. Our club is bloody hilarious.