Nottingham Forest Vs Arsenal (FA Cup)


His words are about as comforting as a nail through the eye.


This game is the highlight of the season: Arsenal collapsed because of shambolic defending and farcical decisions took by referees. FA, senior players and the manager are guilty.

Elneny, Iwobi, Welbeck, Walcott, Mertesacker, Holding should take these type of games as a chance to impress the manager to be involved in the Premier League, but they are failing, again and again.

The truth is we had a better team last year. This season AW replaced Gibbs with AMN, Chamberlain with Debuchy, Gabriel with Chambers, convinced Mertesacker to postpone his retirement, doesn’t reinforced the defense with a WC player, confirmed Elneny, confirmed Walcott.

Young players who looked promising are failing [Holding and Iwobi], Sànchez and Ozil want to go out, five points off to the 4th place, out of the FA Cup… and we’re only in January.


So i guess Lacazette is playing on wednesday. Image resting our big players just to play our reserves again. That would be a total crime against humanity!


Anyway, someone was happy about the XI before the game.

@Luca_from_Italy posted: Good cup team. C’mon!

@ljungbergkamp said: Like the lineup a lot actually.


I stand by it. What was criminal was our bench and the lack of motivation. I refuse to believe Welbeck and Iwobi can’t fucking score against Forest who are i guess, 15th in the Championship!


Welbeck scored. :eyes:


Ehm…do you call it a goal? :smile:


I suppose it would be easier to laugh if I was getting paid 8 million quid a year for this shamozal, rather than getting up at 3am on the other side of the world depriving myself of a valuable 2 hours sleep before Monday work.


We got beaten by a team containing Armand Traore ffs.


Actually he didnt really it was the gks fingertips that diverted the ball in otherwise it would have gone wide


And a player that even fucking stoke didnt want!


We lost the We Don’t Want Niklas Bentdner derby.

Seriously, though, we’re shit. What have we got, like, 2 wins in 8 or something? Pathetic return


I honestly don’t know how you do that. Bravo :clap:


The older I get and the shitter we become the harder it gets :joy:


We lost because their kit looked like Bayern’s


What do you expect from Iwobi and Welbeck???


To score against a Championship side. Is it asking too much?


You know they are shit.
How many years you need to watch them to realise they are shit???


Didn’t know they were so shit not to score against Forest :smile:


It is reasonable to expect us to be more effective, especially in keeping them out of our goal - they are not even a good Championship side and they have been on a terrible run of form… and they were playing a striker who is 18 - none of us have even heard of him.

Our defensive organization (zero) undid us, in combo with an absolute lack of ability or know-how with the ball up top (Walcott, Welbeck, Iwobi… ugh)… I thought our kids did ok, but we had no fluency - which one might expect with not getting much time together, but these are professional footballers FFS. I have seen more creativity, movement, and chemistry in pick-up games.