Nottingham Forest Vs Arsenal (FA Cup)


Should win the game with that team. COYG

Although why are we playing Walcott as a CAM bit weird should be him and Iwobi on the wing


City Ground has that traditional British stadium built. Bowl stadiums, like Arsenal’s, don’t have a place on the island.


MDC Open!

@Luca_from_Italy - join us if you’re about :campbell:




Searched for the basic “delete club” image. The caption at the bottom is an added bonus



Lost for words.

I cannot believe the team and bench we put out. Disrespectful and shocking.


Well…amazing way to get knocked out!


FA Cup?

Completed it mate :sunglasses:


Only big team to go out so soon like the fucking Stoke ahahah!

I do fear this is the end of our season. We are truly fucked. Mentally is a big, big blow.


Not even surprised that is the worst thing about it.

They fucking destroyed us all game. Good luck to them in the future rounds


Did we just lost to lower league club without a manager


Their caretaker manager is called Brazil. And that’s what we made them look like today.


Absolutely disgusting team selection. If that “cup team” gets fielded for another game this season there’s no excusing it. It’s not a good enough squad to play first team football in any competition. That was shown up in the Europa League and lessons weren’t learned.

Our season is about the Europa League now. How ridiculous.


Second rate manager, second rate team. Simples .


I kind of find it amusing that we’ve conceded 3 further penalties in 2 games since Wenger (rightfully) moaned about the penalty in the West Brom game. The football gods are indeed cruel to kick a man when he’s down. :laughing:


Shit is shit


Think @Cristo deserves an apology Luca :wink:


How can you not have back up on the bench. Pure negligence for your job. His contract should be terminated. Gross misconduct.


I do apologize.