Nottingham Forest v Arsenal (FA Cup)

Nottingham Forest v Arsenal

At their ground
FA Cup
Sunday 9 January — 17:10


  • They win
  • Draw
  • We win

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@DavidHillier :eyes:

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Not confident.

They’re better rested and they’ve done us before. Aside from a blip just before New year, they’re in good shape.

Zinckernagel is one to look out for. @LordBendtner


We’ll beat these Robin Hood cunts

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Will be at the game as a Nottingham boy. We’ll smoke them.

Forest are in good form though to be fair. 2-1 to THE Arsenal.

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Finally due our revenge against Notts Forest, and I’m going 3-1 :grin:

1-4. Martinelli hat-trick and one from Patino. With Lewis Grabban grabbin’ a last minute consolation

Trent End?

Eddie’s final game with us perhaps?

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He’s got Covid has he not

Should be back for this, no?

Is every post ending with a question?

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I think so?

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Play the second string.

Brian Clough stand bro

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I wonder whether we might see Omari Hutchinson in this match. Giving Saka an extended rest seems wise since we’ll need him four times in 11 days beginning with the first Liverpool match.

Kid has talent but really needs to hit the gym.

Probably don’t start a game thread until 24 hours before kick off, who knows if it’ll go ahead, even 24 hours out things can change.

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Bloody hell :joy: ain’t seen you this grumpy.

Liverpool fucking rats, I was praying it would go ahead :joy: