And it’s a goodnight from me . . . and a goodnight from him.

You jinxed them. There is no way you thought they would do it.

Mahomes is too good.

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To use a regular football quote: fucking bottlers.

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Shanahan is a fuckin useless Pussy :joy::joy:

Should get fired after that

Fuck it.

My team won 6-0 earlier, and the NYJ will win the draft again.

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Mahomes is fucking inevitable

That 4th down and SF have some wind in their sails, then he just runs like 6 years for an easy 1st.

Not running with cmac in regular time cost them, brain dead Shanahan cost his teams 3 SB’s now lol

Mahomes is a gamer. You do not want to leave him with the ball with the game in hand.

Spent a good chunk of my work day watching. The memory of Jamaal Charles lives on with this win!

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