The spurs of the nfl

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It’s not NFL, but get in the fucking bin Ohio State!

GO BLUE! (when I’m not going red & white… and… err… green.)

What has happened to Mac Jones, had such a promising rookie year

He’s the kind of QB that needs a San Fran roster to excel

If he has to elevate those around him through sheer talent himself then he’s toast, he’s not it at all but the Patriots have done an awful job in terms of supporting him with talent.

Looking at their roster especially the WR corps it’s a graveyard

Maybe he’ll carve out a decent career as a backup because days of him as starter are almost done


Bills at Eagles should be a good one.

Also looking forward to Maxx Crosby making Pat Mahomes his bitch.

Was well protected that year by the entire coaching staff and McDaniels a took all the flack for our nothing offense.

He’s just too indecisive and doesn’t have the gamesmanship we’re used to in foxboro. Takes sacks far too often when he should chuck it away and steps into a closing pocket like he’s blind to the defence rushing at him. Just dumb basic shit.

Behind an elite OL he might be a decent QB but he’s not transformational and will never be.

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As for this, only good one we have is Bourne and he spent all last year being frozen out by Bill only to come back this year and get crocked as he starts showing what we missed.

Hoping we just keep losing every week and go as big as we can in both positions during the draft. Be good if someone else makes the picks than Bill.

FFS. Bought the NFL week pass for 99p for black Friday not realising that Sky Sports is showing the Eagles game. I refuse to pay for sky sports and for years they never showed the Eagles. Of course they choose this week when the pass is discounted the little shits (If you can’t tell, I hate sky sports), and in the US it’s on CBS (when it’s always on Fox), so I can’t stream with VPN as they use Paramount+ which uses a different database than the rest of the world.

Number 8 found a massive hole there. Was a rushing TD for the Raiders.

Eagles fucking it up against the Bills. Hurts definitely isn’t anywhere near 100% either.

Eagles ahead!

They are now but for how long.

Not long enough, but still have time to win it. They just let the Bills run it up the middle.

Bills should’ve won but the eagles done it again

That we did. But damn can’t one of my teams give me an easy win occasionally.

Need sleep but damn need to calm down first.

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Montez Swear seems to have made a difference to the Chicago defence.

Good for Eberflus, he is looking better as a coach.

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Rams lose, Arsenal lose = shit weekend

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Jets beat Texans, but I didn’t see any of the game. Could be an error on the ESPN app.

Schrödinger’s win.

Hahaha. KC with one of the plays of the season only to get flagged.

Get fucked!

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