Next manager

Seriously we need some hope for the future so I think a next manager thread is appropriate, just general discussion about who the right choice is or who people want ?

I believe Raul etc had a good summer transfer wise, so the next thing for them to do is get rid of our current imposter and appoint a quality manager.


I think we need to keep Emery. The Watford game was an outlier. We are on track for something special.




How long will you give him Aussie. I’m worried at how quick fans like you will turn on whoever we get.

Let’s just bring in Viera for the romance of it all

Amazing to think we managed to appoint someone worse than senile Wenger, club deserves some plaudits for achieving that.


Quique Sanchez Flores.


Who is available/gettable?

I still kind of like Favre despite their capitulation last season, but that is based on very limited study… obviously Allegri is an obvious one and I’d be ok with that… who else is emerging across Europe?



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Not my choice but I could see Raul appointing someone like Marcelino who is without a job.

It depends if I can see an identity or direction, if I can I’m willing to give someone time, I’ve just never seen it with Emery.

I don’t believe in wasting time hanging onto the wrong guy for any longer than you need to.

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Senor Perfect Hair

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Give Emery until Jan. He will continue to struggle. Give Ljunberg a chance until we find any other suitable candidates for the summer unless Freddie does very well.


Yeah I like the idea of giving Ljungberg the reins until the end of the season and then interviewing candidates like Hassenhuttl, Arteta, Enrique perhaps if he decides to go back to managing, whatever other names emerge across Europe at the end of the season. Please no Marcelino. He’s a decent manager, better than Emery, but we need direction not a resultist.


A good focus for an incoming manager to avoid this would be to win football games.


Does our next hire come under the influence of being ‘told’ (by Edu) how he wants an Arsenal team to ideally play?

I don’t know why is arteta is so highly regarded? Am I missing something?

He’s about on the same level as ljungberg on henry really. It’s not that I have something against him, but is there anything concrete to really suggest he’s some top prospect? Has he at least coached some youth teams or something like that?

I want Nagelsmann.

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It’s really based off the fact that Pep and the whole set up at City seem to highly rate him. In general the football community must rate him to some extent because he was close to becoming our manager instead of the unrealized Canal+ analyst. We’re not inside the game but there seems too much smoke re: all the reports of Pep highly rating him/City seeing him as their future manager for there not to be fire.

Another name I liked that came up last time was Buvac. Klopp’s #2.