Newcastle vs Arsenal (PL) (FFFFUUUUUUCCCKKKK)


Newcastle vs Arsenal

Monday 2022-05-16T19:00:00Z
Premier League
St James Park
Live on Sky Sports

Huge game. Win it and we’re nearly there.


  • Newcastle win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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on Gabriel’s injury…
I don’t know. Gabi is normally not a player who wants to or asks to come off the pitch, he felt something and hopefully it’s not much, because having Rob out and Ben with no training sessions, obviously we are really short in that position.

on if Gabriel’s injury is hamstring-related…
It’s a muscular problem, and we’ll have to assess him.

Sounds concerning. Hope he recovers

Newcastle’s injury list: Ryan Fraser, Jonjo Shelvey, Isaac Hayden, Joseph Willock, Jamal Lewsi, Federico Fernandez

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I feel pretty confident about this one. Their good run of form is pretty deceptive, since they have only gotten results against midtable or lower placed teams. Their record against is also pretty bad.

Unless they are willing to sit back and counter attack, we should be able to win semi- comfortably. 3-1 win to us.

Be a good test these last two games. Ultimately it’ll show if we are complete bottlers or made a minimal amount of progress.

Beating 14th and 16th or whatever it is for a CL spot should happen, but we are Arsenal coming off a deplorable defeat.

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With them already being well safe I don’t see them just sitting back, we need to outplay them with us both playing on the front foot.

Back four of Tavares, White, Tomi, Cedric though I guess, not ideal

Not sure if that’s better or worse than back 5 of
Tavares Xhaka, White, Tomi, Cedric.
Means Tavares and Cedric are less liabilities, Tomi’s in his preferred position, but puts Xhaka in the back 3…
Elneny Odegaard pair in midfield

Expect a response after last night’s game. It’s Newcastle’s last home game of the season but we should be winning these games. If we can’t win here we aren’t good enough for champions league!

There’s being worried and then there’s @Bl1nk cat.

No way we lose this


What I do think we have going for us here is that Newcastle had. A huge effort earlier in the season to get themselves out of relegation trouble and that was always the immediate objective so they could build for the future. That task is accomplished and I’m not sure they’re playing with the same focus or quality they were even a few weeks ago.

:crossed_fingers: we need every little advantage we can get in these last 2 games.

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Won’t be able to watch this as travelling back. This is the most important game of the season. Absolute must win. At least if we lost vs Tottenham we had the security of the one point lead still.

Cmon Burnley. Pull a wee upset

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I’ll ask this question again.

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It all sounds horrendous lol. Praying Gabriel makes it.

That’s one night of Dublin survived. Well done :smiley:

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You can’t win mate. The club has got majority of this fan base expectations that low that a large majority consider 5th place open bus top parade worthy.

Managers being awarded contract extensions, likewise squad players. It’s job done already according to a large portion.

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You know this how?


The general consensus seems to be the development of young players has already made the season a success. Hell our manager has already been awarded with 5.5 years of contracts despite not yet qualifying for the Champions League.

One of our posters on here that regularly attends games said the Emirates was largely upbeat about the renewal.

Who carried this out?


Did you read the 2nd paragraph ? @The_Invincibles I think was the poster from memory that 2nd it was a real upbeat feel at the ground regarding Arteta’s extension at the season being a success.

I read your 2nd paragraph.

In no way does a feel good factor around arteta signing a new contract correlate to Arsenal fans being content with a 5th place finish and us all wanting an open top bus parade.

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You’d think if the fans weren’t happy with the season more unrest would be about regarding the extension.

Tbh I personally don’t understand why we acted so early regarding the extension, he was still contracted for next season. I don’t think 8th/ 8th / 4th/5th lands him a bigger club than Arsenal at this point.

I’m just praying we win this, I’ll consider the season a success if we qualify for the CL. Although we’re still light years away from challenging the top 2.

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