Newcastle Vs Arsenal (PL) 0-2

Sunday 2023-05-07T15:30:00Z

:stadium: St James Park

:tv: Sky Sports

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Newcastle win

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Win and 2nd is guaranteed.


Depends on if Gabriel is fit

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Well here we are again. Away at Newcastle with our ambitions for the season on the line.

We really owe these barcodes a good scanning this time.


We’re not beating Newcastle at St. James’ Park, no way. I think we’ll draw here.

Victory would be fucking massive statement for us as a club. Another loss fixed from last season.

Cmon boys. :red_circle::red_circle:

Win and we win the league.


Tough, tough game. Can see a score draw. We won’t fold like last season.

Team selection will be intersting as Kiwior, Jorginho and Trossard had good games.

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oooft love the confidence

You really chose your username badly.


Which calculator did you use for that?

Want us to win to make up for that shit show last season. But their back in form and their at home i be happy with a draw.

Need no calculator.


If Gabriel is out I really worry for us here.

I really want to win this one though. Their nail in our coffin last season still hurts me to this day. Coupled with the fact they used every single opportunity to run the minutes off the clock at our ground this year. Still drives me nuts thinking about it.

Man City play twice before we have this game. I know it’s unlikely they drop points in those games, but imagine they do :giroud2: The pressure on this game could be huge.


The Bolton Baresi has got this.

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Win here could be an enormous shift in this title race IMO but at the moment we still haven’t improved anywhere near enough based off the Chelsea performance.

I think we’re in for another 2-0 similar to last season. Nowhere near enough energy to match Newcastle right now.

Zinchenko should be nowhere near the starting XI with the stinkers he’s been putting in and Partey should stay on the bench.

I would love to hear these filthy fucks but fear we won’t.

If it’s Holding-Kiwior at the back…

Hopefully Arteta starts Trossard and Jorginho again but could deffo see him reverting back to type. The thought of Arsenal being run ragged by Newcastle and the need to bring Partey in for added physicality.

The thing is, TP has been running through treacle the last few games so I’m unsure he’d help much in that regard. Plus, he has a tendency to give away free kicks and that’s one of Newcastle’s numerous strengths.

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got a horrible feeling this is gonna be a mancity type murder mk2. May not be in goals it might be 1 or 2 in it but we will probably be torn apart and look really poor against them. 3-1 to them in my mind unfortunately :santi: