Newcastle United

It will definitely go ahead, despite the big clubs that were involved getting their wrists slapped.
There are too many new American and other foreign owners for it not to happen.

As well as football clubs, there are vast areas of London that we don’t own and most profitable assets like oil, gas, electric, water, railways, etc, were sold by previous governments to foreign investors.

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Well I mean Mike Ashley was an English owner. Everton fans have big issues with Bill Kenwright.
Been plenty of badly run clubs with English owners tbf.

It’s less to do w the nationality of owners and more about having governments own clubs. That’s what’s broken things imo. EPL will have (likely) three clubs owned by repressive governments using club ownership as a way to launder their reputation. They’ll instantly have large fanbases willing to jump to their defense in debates. Look at the way Abu Dhabi have leveraged their investment in Manchester itself as a way to cook up positive feelings from locals. I expect KSA to do the same in Newcastle.


Oystons with Blackpool. I agree with the previous sentiment though. Nation for sale.

Yeah that’s fair tbh. Wouldn’t argue against that.

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I’m very sensitive about stuff like that. It happens in the Jewish community all the time…

You want a free trip to Israel? You got it.

You wanna go eat shwarma in Tel Aviv? You got it.

You wanna to surfing in Eilat? You got it.

You want to drink fancy wine? You got it.

A lot of it is hasbara, designed to send people back to the USA with fun memories and warm feelings about the place and, by extension, the government.


Here we fucking go :rofl:

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Nothing dodgy about that at all

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Nothing to see here, move along - FIFA

Football is magical

super league HERE WE COOOOOME yaaaaaaaaaay :santi:

It’d be down to the individual FA or the continental one here before FIFA tbf.

I wonder if the Saudi FA are free from political interference as demanded by FIFA :thinking:

It’s more like the Saudi FA are free from interference by FIFA. :grinning:

If we want competitive football on a level playing field, it has to go into the ESL.
I was against it at first but for proper competition it’s going too have to happen.
It’s we are up too now and don’t think we can ignore it any longer.

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Can’t wait until Al-whatever loans Messi and Benzema to Newcastle next January to help them in the run in, picking up all the wages in the process.

Would you want a North American style closed league?

Shit’s fucked if we’ve gotten to that point.

At least their format was interesting. Instead of the gibberish UEFA has clobbered up.

I’d say there’s a range of options open tbh. For the integrity of the League though the money clubs need to leave.
I think a League without these clubs would maintain a healthy and well supported division and a lot more competitive competition.
The support bases at these clubs won’t suffer. You get crowds of 75k for play off finals in League two.
Pretty sure you would get healthy attendances at Everton, Villa,Forest etc in a division like this.


I don’t disagree but I wonder if we fall into that category of money clubs.

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