New season

All the very best for the new season thats approaching .
None of us know what to expect but let’s hope we see a more hardworking team , an exciting team .


Keep up the good threads mate


Feeling quite optimistic. At least there is something new to try. COYG!

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Yes mate


I don’t feel confident at all. I think we’ve gone backward in defense. But we’ll finally see if it was a personnel or systemic problem.

Gotta say I’m genuinely excited. Looking forward to see Emerys influence, different set up etc…
I think Sokratis and Lichsteiner are decent buys, and Torreira is a fabulous talent, and along with Leno I think these guys will improve the team…Sorry to see Chambers go on loan, but I still think he’ll be back for us when he’s ready…

All in all, not a bad window, we’ve had worse, can’t wait for Sunday against City, I personally think we will win, and just hoping for Utd to get beat tonight to start the season with a bang…


It’s a funny ol’game . Who knows what will happen. It’s going to be very interesting.
Keep the faith … it could be a lot worse .

I don’t quite share the same level of optimism as some do. I don’t think we’ve had a particularly good summer. Question marks on Leno and Sokratis. And then there’s the fact that we still don’t have an adequate left back, we’re short a winger or two and we’re also without a genuinely top CB.

I did have high hopes but they’ve certainly been dampened by a summer in which I think we’ve really dropped the ball with our signings.


What would the mood be going into this new season if Wenger was still in charge and hadn’t addressed the defensive line up and signed another keeper .
( I’ve heard dodgy things about Leno tbh )


The thing you can guarantee about Arsenal, even with a new manager, is that we will always have an underwhelming transfer window, and this window was no exception

We are always those two or three top quality players short of having a team that can seriously challenge, and it’s especially annoying as Man U, Chelsea and spurs haven’t done much either.
We had the perfect opportunity to strengthen more than the bare minimum but that’s all we did.

Saying that, the great thing about this season is that we don’t know what’s going to happen.
We are actually going into a new season without the all too common predictable lack of preparation, the same tiired tactics and the lack of ambition.

Emery wouldn’t have been my first choice to replace Wenger and our lack of transfer activity is frustrating but the unpredictability of this season makes it unusually exciting.


How badly do we want to see this club premier league champions once again , to see that open top bus through Islington come May .


You’ve pretty much nailed it there for the majority.

I can’t believe we had the nerve to send Calum Chambers out on loan.

We’re light at centre back, extremely light at left back and extremely light on wide players. We’re just about good on central players by virtue of Guendouzi and Maitland-Niles showing promise.

I think it’s imperative we show faith in Nelson this year.


Expecting a huge season from Maitland-Niles as well


If we win tomorrow it’s gonna be buzzing on here haha

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It’s good to have Arsenal back. I’ve not watched a game since Wengers last home game so can’t wait for it to get started again :heart_eyes:



Cant believe the negativity in here. We FINALLY got a competent manager !

Cant wait for the first game, and i will support the lads and Unai all season no matter what results. Its time to get behind the new regime and have some patience. COYG !


Expect a big season from many players under a manager who is good tactically.

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I can’t wait. I’m excited to see how the promoted teams do, excited to see Warnock back in the Prem, excited to see how much longer José has before he walks or is sacked etc And most of excited by our team. Also, how will Everton and West Ham fare with their signings.

If Auba carries on his form, he’ll be in contention for the Golden Boot. Lacazette is showing good chemistry with Auba. Ozil appears on the surface to be motivated. We have grit and experience in the back line as well as quality in the midfield.

We shouldn’t be looking anywhere near the title right now. City won by 19 points last season and broke all kinds of records. I don’t see anyone realistically challenging them. As for us, we have more than enough to regain top four and possibly win the Europa.

Can’t wait!


After the World Cup I thought I was getting a bit bored with football. Safe to say that feeling ended swiftly and I’m now proper hyped to have football back. Plus starting at home against City makes it even more exciting.


Finally got a competent manager is hugely debatable.