New season


Safe to say my optimism on August 11th has faded somewhat and I’m a bit bored of football again :grin:


Specially when we play shit boring football. Still look forward to every game we play but not as much as earlier in the season seen as Emery loves playing a back 5 and two DM’s every game :sleeping:


@AbouCuellar saw it all coming.


Yeah it’s concerning.
I will have to pick Barcelona as second team to make football interesting especially given It would not be long before Messi starts declining and I don’t wanna miss out on the genius.


So you’re told ya soing on other people’s behalf now :smile:

Also even if he is ultimately right it’s negated by him being a massive cunt.


TYSB majority shareholder AbouCuellar


He is trying to make us more solid, but if you don’t have the right players you can do nothing about it. That’s the reason why another season is what we need to give him.
Clearly, not finishing fourth and getting knocked out from BATE would change everything.


He should have come to the conclusion that he currently can’t make us more solid and by doing this all he’s currently doing his hindering our offensive flow.


That’s true. We should just do what we do best: playing attacking football.


Which even then looks pretty dire :joy:


Lol. If you actually watched Arsenal for the past 7-8 years you couldn’t come to this conclusion at all.


Still better than trying to defend though.


Yes I totally agree. I was just pointing out that the attack isn’t miles better :blush:


Implementing defensive football should be easier than a possession based system.


He’s the Avon Barksdale of the TYSB.

@Aussiegooner is Stringer Bell, the one actually doing the work these days.

Apparently I’m the Poot of this organisation.


That’s true. Just ask your backline to stay on their positions and don’t do stupid things and you should be fine. The problem is that we don’t have players with a great IQ. They can’t even do the basic things.


Also came back out of the joint to drop some bodies and belligerently and futilely defend our turf in December :joy: Avon style. This comparison has some legs. Just gotta figure out how Aussie and I can epically betray each other in the end.




Look! Say hello to the right-wing nutter who supports Atletico.

CR7 says “hello!”.


I’m gonna be Marlo. The new wave of TYS- just when the previous movement starts to lose its legs