New Car

VW make good cars no doubt. So they’re mostly a safe bet and very popular when you want to sell it. Not very sporty Polo, but you get a good trim level and safety features as standard. Comfortable to drive too :+1:

Compact SUVs? It’s very hipster imo or older people who want a smaller car that’s easy to get in and out of. Pricier too.

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Tell them to piss off.


What counts as a compact suv these days?

Fuck SUVs. I own one and can’t stand the fucking thing. Big, ugly, horrible fuel mileage. Unless you have 3 kids and camping gear to haul around, get the polo. So much more fun and cheaper to own. I miss station wagons (estate).

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Do you have Ford Ecosport or Kia Sonet over there?

It’s slightly bigger than premium hatchbacks but not big enough to be considered SUVs

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This is something I have realized after owning my motorcycle for 7 years. Every scratch, every bump, every dent has a little story and I absolutely love it the way it is.

Thanks guys. Just need this lockdown to lift and I can get my hands on the Polo.


Stay away from VW in India. I’ve had the Vento and the Laura as my last 2 cars and I won’t touch VW/ Skoda with a barge pole again. The service network is very poor and the spares are prohibitively expensive.

Also, they haven’t bought their latest platforms to India, so you’re restricted to legacy systems on both drive and in cabin.

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Is this the only issue with VW?
Cause being a Royal Enfield owner, I am used to being sad about service fees.

This does bother me. They launched a new facelift of Polo which looks absolutely beautiful in Thomas Blue colour.
Considering how VW is being absolutely rinsed by i20, figo & swift, It’s a tad insulting that we still have 2010 version Polo.