I’m in the market for a new car. I’ve test driven two and they are both great, would both suit my needs on a practical basis are more or less in the same price bracket…and I can’t decide which one to buy.

Peugeot 308

Kia Stonic

I’ve owned a Kia before and loved it, no experience of Peugeot. Kia has a 7 year warranty compared to Peugeots 5 year one… Peugeot will give me a better scrappage deal.

Any thoughts would be welcome :grinning:

Have no clue about cars but on appearance I like the grey one better :slight_smile:

Personally the 308. I actually know someone who owns one of them I believe and they really know their cars. So I’ll assume that they made an educated choice when buying it :sweat_smile:

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Kia everytime for me. Good luck

They look like the type of cars you buy when your fully comfortable that the best bits of your life are over.


308 was high on my list when I last looked. Would definitely be my pick of the two (assuming you’ve already ruled out the obvious alternatives)

What did you end up buying?

My dad used to run a garage. Honestly speaking, pick the one with the longest warranty and best cover for parts. You’ll find around 5-6 years into a cars life is when you’ll have to start forking out.

Kia 7 year warranty is an attractive proposition.

But I have no idea

Of the two you’ve put - Kia no doubt.

Quality wise from experience I say Kia, no contest really. Peugeot make great cars but not a car you want to own more than 3-4 years.

Well that split opinion should really help you out :neutral_face:

Go for neither and get an Audi instead.

How old are you out of interest? I’m totally with @Gunnerpr they’re a proper dad two kids in high school Sunday lunch at the pub and asleep by 7 kind of car

  1. Didn’t drive until i was 24, cars so far have been Corsa, Corsa, Cee’d and Octavia. A car is something to move me and sometimes some stuff around. Practicality and reliability are very high on my list. I’ve never been asleep at 7 in my life :smile:

Oh god sham, if you want practicality etc. Have you considered Japanese? Uber reliable and practical but they also have a bit of zip about them.

Like a Mazda 3 or something?

It’d be the Kia for me and with the 7 year warranty it’s a no brainer.

I’ve been sceptical of Kia for quite a long time and then a trip to Iceland during the summer we ended up with a Kia Sportage and did around 2500km. The cabin was actually a nice place to be, the entire car genuinely surprised me, we took it off road and drove on the crazy Icelandic F roads and through rivers, the thing just took everything I threw at it. So much so if I was in the market for a family car I’d definitely consider it as an option.

I had an A5 Coupe once and that was still the best car I’ve ever owned.

Nice little motor if you’re a soccer mom.

Fair enough man, I always thought you were younger I don’t really know why, in a good way of course. I guess my taste is completely different to yours as I wouldn’t drive either so now I feel my input was a bit unwarranted given your requirements, apologies!

When buying a car the two most important factors are the heating and the radio. Never mind all this 0-60 bollocks and this mph mullarky . Heater temperature and wether or not the car has DAB radio
My choice - check the heater and radio bugger the make ! I’d take a skip on skates if it had DAB fitted . Gotta love PlanetRock