This just made me snort out loud on the train home.

Out off all the kia’s Why the Stonic? Just curious because the ceed is simerly in design to the 308

Spec, price and I like the looks of it. Had a ceed and loved it.

I actually didn’t expect to like it…but then I really did. :slight_smile:

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Went with the Kia in the end. Pick it up in about 4 weeks. :slight_smile:


What is a car? Just use public transport. Saves money, safer, better for environment, reduces stress and keeps you in better shape :grinning:

Fuck public transport


You’ve obviously never commuted into London. Costs me thousands a year!

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Still cheaper than a car though lol

I cycle to work.


Not if I used public transport for everything though, over a few years it would not work out cheaper.

I have a car too anyway and don’t spend that much on it.

I think living in London makes driving ridiculously expensive. I’ve been driving for about 5 years, no Accident, a few years NCD and I still pay over £1k a year for my insurance. When I add road tax, MOT, service, petrol and all that shit… plus how much I actually spend on my car… I can’t see commuting being any cheaper.

Then again I have a staff nominee pass from TFL so… :grin:

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I don’t live in London. So running my car is definitely cheaper than commuting, though I do get a third off public transport now, so we’ll see how that works out.

There is no way public transport is safer than just you in your own car lol.

No way? Are you being serious.

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Driving can be less time consuming, depending where you are going. But I wouldn’t say safer… especially with me driving :grin:

I wanna post a pic of my new car!! But just realized I haven’t taken one and it’s like 3am here lulz…darn

Public Transport you share with everyone. Your own car it’s just you.

That’s the way I was thinking :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe I misread on what way gg meant safe…

Just post one of the model then :slight_smile:

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Didn’t fancy the Jagugeot in the end? :stuck_out_tongue: