I’ve had mine almost 2 years now, and while the battery range has gone down slightly it’s not too much.

Saving lots on fuel.

I’ve just got it for 4 years tho.

The 30-35m range is enough for me to get to and from work on 2/3 a charge. So I can go months before filling up.


I’ve had a Kia Optima phev leasing for a year now. It has the longest reach in its class (family hauler) on electricity. 60 km. I must say it’s great for town driving and fuel mileage. When it’s over 10+ C it runs on 0.15 litres per 10 km. So we have saved massively on fuel consumption.
Having had a petrol only BMW earlier I must say I’m also pleasantly surprised with how comfortable and well equipped the KIA is.


Bought a new car from Cazoo last week

We have been looking around for months, going to look at cars and nothing was right for us.
In the end we found a perfect car from Cazoo, their standards are high, the photos and imperfections are all listed so nothing hidden.
Everything has been fine, had to pay up front and then wait a week to be able to collect.

The night before we were due to collect they phoned and said a small part on a door handle needed replacing so we could no longer collect on our planned date.
Its now 10 days after we paid, still with no collection date in site.
Small bump in the road to pass I spose if waiting for your perfect car!

What is it then?

Did I not write that!!

Merc GLC

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Don’t knock the Micra, they’ll still be going long after this EV bollocks :joy:

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They are officially running out ideas for new features on cars.

Imagine pressing a button inside a car to change the appearance outside where you can’t see it. Useful for a getaway car I suppose…

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Cannonball run called and want their idea back.

So its basically kitt from the knight rider reboot.