New Car


Haha, except im in murica and the steering wheel is on the left hand side, so that clearly can’t be me!! Jerk!

Edit: thanks @persona once again 3am here :grin:

Pretty much what mine looks like, love this car sooo much!!


Fixed brah.


Na, @Arsenal4thetreble I was just being a dick. Right hand side > right side (as in correct). :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh gotcha lol yeah I’m dumb in case u hadn’t noticed.


We definitely did notice :wink:


Cmon Ms. Journo this was some low hanging fruit, i’ve come to expect that rapier wit, you can do so much better!


I gathered you didn’t live in London when you said you commute into London lol


Sweet car! German is the way to go.


Mini Van nooice! How many kids can you haul around in that thing?


Haha. There’s space for 7 people. So I just need two more kids to fill it up :grin:


lol meaning you have 3 kids? Lol well if you have to rock the mini van do it in style :stuck_out_tongue:


Why have you not gone to bed yet? :smile:


Nah he’s a single dad with four kids


Haha. When we were expecting our third we needed a car with more space, but I would rather die than be seen driving a minivan or bus! Test drived a few and it was the most boring experience in my whole life. Then we ran across this BMW. 2 minutes driving it and I had made up my mind. It’s a long story but I made the deal of the century on it too :grin:So it was very lucky all around since it’s a car I couldn’t afford at first.


Goin all night baby, video games until the PL came on, woohoo go West Ham!!

Leave me the fuck alone I’m goin on tqo hours sleep rt now Jake.

@ocke yeah pretty much same situation over here with us, 2nd kid was coming and we had to upgrade cause space was a major issue. That Benz suv is legit feels like I’m driving a truck :heart_eyes:


On public transport you can just chill and socialise with random people. I guess driving is better for families but I’m quite independent so I can chill :grinning:


Avoiding this is the main reason I cycle. :smile:


I’m fortunate enough to have options.

If going out the city then Car is best.

If in the city and its sunny then the Bike

If it’s proper pouring down and the station/stop is handy then public transport. Probably the sub. I avoid scotrail like the plague.


Do you live in London or somewhere with a lot of transport links then? I don’t mind using public transport, but it’s just not always an option, unless I want to spend 3 hours doing a journey I could drive in 45 minutes.

I only have one train station where I live with one train every half hour, or longer when it inevitably gets delayed. I’m near the end of the line too, so the only way I can go is into London. Driving is useful for shopping and visiting my friends who live in places without a station at all. My mum too, she lives in the middle of nowhere!

Same with places like Devon and Cornwall. When I go there I like to explore all the towns and villages. If you think you can do that without a car :rofl:


@Mysty thanks for the bump, forgot about this lol.


That’s a rather horny motor . Liking that !!