(N)Everrrrr Banega


Oh god.

What with how Death Row records turned out, i’m not sure that’s a good thing :arteta::gabriel:


True that bro :rofl:


As long as he comes for cheap and isn’t offered stupid high wages, I’m on-board. We were all crying about how Emery hasn’t gotten enough transfer windows to work with, or how he needs to be allowed to first sign players that fit his vision and play style before we judge him. Now this guy seems to be someone that Emery specifically want. I think I will trust our manager on this one.


‘Rapey Raul’ won’t take no for an answer


That’s a whole different discussion that us not building a core though. I don’t think we can see this move in a vacuum either. I’m guessing the immediate goal of this regime is getting back in the Champions League. This move simply does not exclude Arsenal adding u23 players in the summer.


This is true but it’s positive that Banega is in some of his best career form and still has plenty of pace

@Phoebica you’re almost 40 love


But it essentially takes away minutes from players who can grow and become a force in couple of seasons.
Look at stagnation of Martial because of minutes given to Zlatan. Doubt Delle Ali would have been as good as he is right now if he was on the bench for last 2 seasons.

I am not saying we should buy 18 year old but We need really really promising talents to be brought in who are in their early 20s and build a team around them.


How did Martial, the left winger, stagnate because Zlatan the CF got minutes lol?

People have this really unrealistic expectation that we can fill our team full of Torreira like signings in a few seasons. You need balance and right now what we lack in the centre of the park is a good quality and experienced midfielder and that’s what Banega is. We are suffering and he provides us with the perfect option for at least two seasons whilst we rebuild.


Would be really happy with this.

Love how our team aren’t accepting no as an answer. You wouldn’t get Dick Law doing this!!


Don’t underestimate what a player who has experience playing under a manager’s system can do for a team, Sarri’s season would be way more rough if he didn’t have Jorginho by his side who has seamlessly slotted in. Many of our players are still trying to figure it out, a player who knows what the hell he’s doing is the kind of signing to launch us into the top 4 this season.


So he is a left winger now?

I remember the huge fuss fans made when Wenger didn’t acknowledge him as a CF but a winger.

Infact you could say that Martial’s position got shifted because Zlatan took his preferred one.


If you have a very creative definition of the phrase “in fact”


Minutes are on the manager to be managed. Emery clearly doesn’t see it happening with Ozil and Ramsey is probably not an option for him because of contract reasons/injuries. It’s fully well possible to have Banega as a short fix for the remaining 4-5 months and sign an u23 midfielder in the summer and have them split minutes.


Not as creative as Arsenal fans when Martial becomes a CF after Wenger calls him a winger & gets mocked for it.
But now he is a winger.

Where is Burgundy with his insistence of Martial being a CF?


Not sure why you think the opinion of Arsenal fans on OA in 2015 has any value when it comes to you trying to defend saying that signing Zlatan took minutes from Martial a couple of hours ago.

Seems a bit desperate and irrelevant.


Because Martial was signed as a striker and ended up being a winger because 30+ year olds come in to reduce his game time as a striker.

Martial being a left winger is a consequence of United signing Zlatan and thus halted his progress as a player and striker.

Which was exactly the point I was making.
While mocking me about Martial being a winger, Srcjj infact added to my argument.

It is completely relevant and in line with the discussion

Reminding everyone about the 2015 thingy was to highlight that Martial was a ‘striker’ not a ‘winger’ as per everyone.


The problem here is with the “because”. The move to the wing began before Zlatan was signed, and in his first season he played more there than he did centrally, particularly in the second half of the season.

You’re just flat out wrong.


Doesn’t change the fact that Martial played 18 games as a CF and mostly missed his chances as CF to Rooney who was 30+

Add another 7 or 8 games Martial played for Monaco as a CF.

If Zlatan was not signed, both Martial & Rashford would have increased chances as CF.
Thus my point.

Martial playing games a left winger doesn’t change the fact that United signed him as a CF but had to reaccomodate that plan and use his versatality.


Plus all this discussion doesn’t matter.

Let’s hear it from Martial as to where he wants to play



Which had nothing to do with Zlatan because it happened long before him.

Fucking lame how unwilling you are to cede any ground in a debate, grow up and learn a bit of humility, your initial claim was bang wrong.