(N)Everrrrr Banega


So what if the cause of Martial moving to wings changed from one 30 year to another 30 year old.
My point is not restricted to only Zlatan.

You need to open your mind and not always persist with finding a flaw & persisting with making that stick. Try to understand the gist being made.


Your point was specifically about Zlatan, stop being a fucking weasel


You stance changed from Martial was never a winger to Martial changed to winger before Zlatan came.

Seems like you are bailing out before you have to move your goal post again.



Never said anything of the sort, quote me you mug


No it wasn’t .
It was regarding Banega and how players like Schweinsteiger, Zlatan and players of that age zone despite being a contributing members halted progress of the club as their short term contribution inhibited long term progress in form of younger player’s development.

For someone lecturing about humility, you sure like to not be humble and admit you like to cherry pick things


Considering we have established that Martial’s progress was indeed impeded by Zlatan’s presence, it’s time to sleep.
Good night Jakeyboyo


I’m not sure the signings of Schweinsteiger and Zlatan inhibited the long term process or the reasons that the club stalled. That nothing reasoning lol. In those same summers they also signed Depay, Bailly and Pogba who were/are under 25 and signed Darmian/Schneiderlin at age 25/26.


You want signings like this guy, I hope you’re not the sort of person that users Liverpool’s resale profits as to the reason they’re going to win the league this season.


Aubameyang is top quality and this guy isn’t.


Banega is top quality at least compared to our shower of shit midfield


I’d rather spend more and sign a quality player that’s 25, but each to their own I suppose.


I guess he’s gonna be our old man Jorginho for 18 months


There’s no “each to their own”, literally everyone would prefer that


I just think this will be another poor piece of Arsenal transfer business that we can add to a lengthy list.


I think we all know that’s how you feel :+1:


I haven’t seen much of him to form a strong opinion but from what I know of him I can’t envisage him being someone that will massively improve us from what we have right now. Actually, the more I think about it I could see him being scapegoated from Arsenal fans for his ‘sideways passing’ performances when results turn wonky.

If we’re going to lose Ramsey in Jan and have an intermittently available Ozil - he might be our only, not best, option to fill the void. Long term it really doesn’t excite me at all if our actions in past years are anything to go by when it comes to these sort of scenarios.


That’s United. They can afford to do both.
Can we?


Lol. Of course we can. Banega is reported to cost 15-18 million.


Transfer fee is not the only component. Wages are to be considered as well.


Of which we will get a decent amount of off the books (Welbeck, Ramsey, Cech, maybe Ozil).