(N)Everrrrr Banega


He was pretty good tonight to be fair.


Is a calzone really authentically Italian??


Never read any of his posts to be honest…


Don’t like it, tbh :unai:



31 days of transfer rumour nonsense is about to begin. #buzzin #madness2k19


Isn’t Banega like 30 already ? :thinking::dizzy_face:


I forgot to respond to this when I came back months ago :sweat_smile: (I came back eventually Elect!)

It seems this thread was all forgotten about, considering I didn’t get a single nomination to feature in that award in the end :smiley: More posts about the pronouncing of the Rs than there was of Banega :laughing: Classic OA.


I’ll take that as an assist then for bumping this thread which reminded you :ozil:


He was fucking class in that one game I watched him in during the world cup. Unlike Ramsey who I didn’t watch at all in the world cup.

Not to mention his name is Ever. That’s romantic as shit, unlike Aaron- two consecutive A’s in a name is unholy, hell in any word.

For these reasons alone I am in great favour of this move.


I do not approve another player who will be difficult to shift in coming seasons.
We are not achieving anything any time soon. Let’s groom the next gem.


This is our Mikel Arteta stewardship role filled, relax my dudes.


Yeah as far as midfield gems go we have Guendouzi and Torreira who we can work on developing. Add to that potential talents like ESR etc. I don’t mind Banega in a stewardship role


Oh shit I should have nominated this one ffs.

On Banega, right now this is feeling all very Wenger isn’t it?

Shit defence. Need a CB. Buy yet another creative midfielder.

Why the fuck.




Well, we’re down a CAM and a B2B midfielder because Emery, for whatever reason, doesn’t pick them and if he does, it’s usually for a short period. So yeah, we need personnel in the middle of the park too.
Banega is a good player and a ‘safe’ short term solution. If he’s cheap I don’t mind.


But that’s a problem with the manager more than anything.

Say what you want of Ozil, surely nobody believes Banega is an upgrade on him?


We don’t need more 30 year old players that have no resale value unless they’re of absolute top quality.


We need a defender, sure, no doubt about it. But look at how much Guendouzi’s been playing, we really do need another CM too.

CB, CM, Winger, LB in that order of priority for me.

The first of those two have to happen in January, anything beyond that is almost a bonus in my eyes if it happens in the next window.


Yeah I agree on the 4 positions but I’d have my priorities different, I’d also have 2 CBs listed.


What order would your priorities be pal?

And yeah, agreed on two CBs but I can’t see that happening in January, and if it did, I’m certain at least one would be a bum. I’d probably rather just buy one and then ensure the next CB we sign in summer is of the right quality.